February 27, 2014

Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra ‎- Sounds Of The Great Bands, Vol. 2

A1. Blues On Parade (W. Herman - T. Tyler) (3:09)
A2. Moten Swing (B. Moten - D. B. Moten) (3:17)
A3. Study In Brown (L. Clinton) (3:00)
A4. Huckleberry Duck (R. Scott) (2:51)
A5. Jumpin' At The Woodside (C. Basie) (2:51)
A6. Boogie Woogie (C. Smith) (3:12)
B1. In The Mood (J. Garland) (3:34)
B2. El Rancho Grande (E. D. Uranga - S. Ramos - J. Del Moral) (3:00)
B3. Star Dreams (S. Dee - C. Spivak - S. Burke) (3:07)
B4. The Prisoner's Song (G. Massey) (3:52)
B5. Tippin' In (R. Smith - M. Symes) (3:25)
B6. South Rampart Street Parade (B. Haggart - R. Bauduc) (3:28)

Manny Klein, Conrad Gozzo, Shorty Sherock, Pete Candoli, Cappy Lewis (trumpet)
Si Zentner, Murray McEachern, Joe Howard, Milt Bernhart, Tommy Pederson (trombone)
Skeets Herfurt, Gus Bivona, Babe Russin, Plas Johnson, Chuck Gentry, Julie Jacobs (saxophone)
Jack Marshall (guitar)
Ray Sherman (piano)
Mike Rubin (bass)
Nick Fatool (drums)

Capitol Records ‎SM-1067; Capitol Records ‎ST-1067



Bhowani said...

My first Casa Loma Orchestra in my life ! I was always reluctant till now ! Thank you, Brian.

JohnnieGray said...

Dear Brian, thanks a lot for your efforts. I've enjoied listening to vol. 1 and vol. 2 of Glen Gray Casaloma Orchestra, bur I've got to tell you... In almost each track there are elettrical noises like clicks and scaratches... Well of course I'm not complaining, and I 'm not asking you to rip those lps again... Just wanted to let you know... Bye.

brian said...

Appreciate your comment! i've downloaded this volume and it is o. k. ! try again...

brian said...

it could be a problem if you are converting flacs into mp3 or something else!!!!????

brian said...

i was looking to your problem (or anybody else converting big files to mp3). The only working program that does not ruin my good flac file is Sound Studio (for Mac or PC)… open the flac file in sound studio and save it as m4a… and open in iTunes…you could then convert to mp3 if you want!

prowita said...

Many thanks for these two Casa Loma Orchestra, Brian.

JohnnieGray said...

No Brian, I haven't converted the files, I've just listened using foobar and my headphones... And I've tried to download again as you suggested in your kind reply, but the problem is still there. For example in the first track ("01 Blues On Parade"), in the trumpet solo (00:53 ---> 01:33), there are several clicks, which are similar to the usual vinyl noises, but they aren't usual vinyl noises... And after that, at 02:12 ---> 02:16 when the saxophone starts its solo, I hear electrical noises on the repeated notes, something like a distortion... I don't know, maybe it is the result of a declick program? And it's strange because I've downloaded your first casa loma orchestra rip ("Sounds Of The Great Casa Loma Band") too and your Stan Kenton rips and they are all just fine.
Anyway, don't worry, it's no big deal. Bye:-).

brian said...

i've checked and my version of flacs is a. o.k. try with sound studio!

agmosk said...

Thanks for both, Brian!

Anonymous said...

Hello Brian,
any chance of a re-up? links are gone.


brian said...

you could have some name!