March 15, 2014

5 / 5 Houston Person - Trust in Me

1. Chocomotive (C. Walton) (7:58)
2. You're Gonna Hear from Me (A. Previn - D. Previn) (3:54)
3. Close Quarters (C. Walton) (7:38)
4. Since I Fell for You (B. Johnson) (8:36)
5. More (Riz Ortolani - N. Oliviero - M. Ciorciolini - N. Newell) (7:59)
6. Airegin (S. Rollins) (3:27)
7. One Mint Julep (R. Toombs) (5:27)
8. Trust in Me (N. Wever - J. Schwartz - M. Ager) (4:57)
9. Hey There (R. Adler - J. Ross) (5:11)
10. My Little Suede Shoes (C. Parker) (4:24)
11. That Old Black Magic (H. Arlen - J. Mercer) (6:09)
12. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (traditional) (6:31)
13. The Second Time Around (J. Van Heusen - S. Cahn) (5:49)

Houston Person (tenor saxophone)
Alan Dawson (vibraharp 1-5)
Cedar Walton (piano)
Bob Cranshaw (bass 1-5), Paul Chambers (bass 6-13)
Frankie Jones (drums 1-5), Lenny McBrowne (drums 6-13)
Ralph Dorsey (congas 6-13)

Tracks 1-5 recorded in New York City, June 14, 1967.
Tracks 6-13 recorded at the Rudy van Gelder's Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, October 13, 1967.

Prestige PRCD-24264-2; Prestige ‎PR 7548; Prestige ‎PRST-7548


Kneigh said...

WOW!! What a glorious set of Mr. Person, Brian!! I had a couple, but the quality was old. It's always a joy to just sit and listen to this man's music!! So many thanx for all the work you did on all 5 albums, sir!! The sound is just as good as his music!!

Chris said...

Thanks Brian for the upgrade of these classic albums, especially Trust In Me.

headman said...

Many thanks for the Person-fest, Brian. Much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Thank you a lot, Brian!

AmyBRAINS said...

Many, many thanks, Brian.

AmyBRAINS said...

Many, many thanks, Brian.

5 cents said...

Wow! Big project. Thanks so much. I had a couple of these, but the additions are most welcome. Great blog. Sunny here in Northern California.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all Houston stuff, great music for dark winter sundays.

M / Sweden