March 23, 2014

John Tchicai - Cadentia Nova Danica

1. Inside Thule (K. Vogel) (7:13)
2. L'lanto Del Indio (traditional folksong; arr. J. Tchicai) (3:12)
3. Kirsten (J. Tchicai) (12:11)
4. Orga Fleur Super Asam / Nova (J. Tchicai / K. Vogel) (14:57)
5. På Tirsdag (J. Tchicai) (5:13)

Hugh Steinmetz (trumpet)
Kim Menzer (trombone)
John Tchicai, Karsten Vogel (alto saxophone, percussion)
Max Bruel (baritone saxophone, piano)
Steffen Andersen (bass)
Giorgio Musoni (African drums, cover painting)
Ivan Krill (percussion)
Robert Robidoo Bell (additional percussion)

Recorded live at the Conservatory of Music (Koncervatriet), Aarhus, Denmark, October 27, 1968.

Polydor ‎2343-015; Polydor 583770; Trio Records ‎PA-9716; Freedom ‎PA-9716; Freedom FLP-40137; Freedom ‎32JDF-179


wightdj said...

Thanks, seeking this one for long time.

AmyBRAINS said...

Many thanks, Brian,

onxidlib said...

Wonderful - I had an old rip which I got about ten years ago.
But your rip is much better!
Thank you for posting this gem!!

-Otto- said...

I've never seen the Polydor version of this LP before. Thank you for this clean rip.

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Javier Roz said...

Thanks! What a great album!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this excellent LP!

Got the flacs, but the linked page for the scans says "File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server".

Can you please reup the scans?

Thanks again.

tonality12 said...

Could someone please repost the FLAC? Links are dead :(

Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE re-up the flac of this ! thanks