March 29, 2014

Sonny Rollins - The Complete 1963 Paris Concert

1. Solitude (D. Ellington - E. DeLange - I. Mills) (9:18)
2. On Green Dolphin Street (B. Kaper - N. Washington) (13:49)
3. Announcement by Sonny Rollins (1:03)
4. Without a Song (V. Youmans - B. Rose - E. Eliscu) (2:51)
5. Sonnymoon for Two (S. Rollins) (23:08)
6. Everything Happens to Me (M. Dennis - T. Adair) (9:39)
7. 52nd Street Theme (T. Monk) (5:21)

Sonny Rollins (tenor saxophone)
Don Cherry (trumpet)
Henry Grimes (bass)
Billy Higgins (drums)

Recorded live at the Olympia, Paris, France, January 19, 1963.

Gambit Records 69292


danair said...

Fine band, thanks for the chance to hear this one Brian.

Luis said...

I thank you, Brian, for the two Sonny Rollins gifts. Great!

Wade Cottingham said...

Thank you Brian for Sonny 1963.

Melanchthon said...

Amazing post. Thank you very much !

jazzcat1228 said...

Wow, another great Rollins post. Thank you Brian!

Max said...

Awesome that you have this..... Having some trouble opening the files in WinZip.... Some glitch I can out maneuver.... Did you ever post them as mp3's? thanks.

Max said...

Not sure if my last post went through.... this is a great show (I have a scratchy version I burned from a buddy years ago, but I'd love to get a proper version). Having trouble accessing the files via WinZip.... any suggestions?

brian said...

try winrar!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, but only the first file remains available.

Any chance for a reup of the other files?

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hello, can you post new links for this album? many thanks!