April 29, 2014

Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra - New Life: Beogradski Jazz Festival '78

That's not a live recording from Beograd... Just same old New Life LP record in new package!

1. Greetings And Salutations (T. Jones) (8:48)
2. Love And Harmony (C. Bridgewater) (7:23)
3. Little Rascal On A Rock (T. Jones) (6:17)
4. Forever Lasting (T. Jones) (5:49)
5. Love To One Is One To Love (T. Jones) (4:07)
6. Thank You (J. Dodgion) (6:09)
7. Cherry Juice (T. Jones) (5:43)

Thad Jones (trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn)
Larry Moses, Simo Salminen, Ron Tooley, Irvin Stokes (trumpet)
John Mosca, Lolly Bienenfeld, Lee Robinson, Doug Purviance (trombone)
Rich Perry, Robert Rockwell (tenor saxophone)
Dick Oatts, Steve Coleman (alto saxophone)
Charles Davis (baritone saxophone)
Jim McNeely (piano)
Jasper Lundgaard (bass)
Mel Lewis (drums)

Band above was playing in Beograd during the Belgrade Jazz Festival, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 3-5. 11. 1978

PGP RTB LP 4374; Horizon SP-707; A&M Records SP-707


P.S.: See the comments for little more informations!

April 27, 2014

Sunny Murray ‎- Big Chief

A1. Angels And Devils (S. Murray - J. Coursil) (4:18)
A2. Hilarious Paris (S. Murray) (5:33)
A3. Now We Know (S. Murray) (7:38)
B1. Angel Son (S. Murray) (7:23)
B2. Straight Ahead (S. Murray - H. Le Roy Bibbs) (9:40)
B3. This Nearly Was Mine (R. Rodgers - O. Hammerstein II; arr. S. Murray) (5:12)

Bernard Vitet (trumpet)
Kenneth Terroade (tenor saxophone)
Ronnie Beer (alto saxophone)
Becky Friend (flute)
Alan Silva (violin)
François Tusques (piano)
Beb Guérin (bass)
Sunny Murray (drums, percussion)
H. Le Roy Bibbs (voice)

Recorded at Studio E.T.A., 35 bis, Rue de l'Abbé-Grégoire, Paris, 11 January, 1969.

Pathé PM 231 1727561; Pathé Marconi EMI 2C062-10096; Eremite Records mte-51


April 24, 2014

René Thomas ‎- Thomas-Pelzer Limited

A1. Lolita (B. Harris) (7:08)
A2. T P L (R. Thomas - M. Portal - E. Louiss) (8:46)
A3. Star Eyes (D. Raye - G. DePaul) (4:31)
B1. Jesus Think Of Me (G. Cables) (6:25)
B2. Juliette (R. Thomas) (5:30)
B3. All Or Nothing At All (A. Altman - J. Lawrence) (8:07)

Jacques Pelzer (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute)
René Thomas (guitar)
Rein De Graaff (piano A1-A3, B3)
Henk Haverhoek (bass)
Jean Linzman (electric bass B1)
Han Bennink (drums A1-B1, B3)

Recorded at the Reward Studios, Schelle, February 26, 1974.

Vogel 003-S


April 21, 2014

Perez Prado ‎- The Fabulous Perez Prado

A1. Patricia (P. Prado) (2:08)
A2. Cu-Cu-Rru-Cu-Cu Paloma (P. Prado) (2:53)
A3. Mambo No. 5 (P. Prado) (2:10)
A4. Ciliegi Rosa (L. G. Louiguy - J. LaRue - M. David) (2:28)
A5. Guaglione (G. Fanciulli - N. Nisa Salerno) (2:25)
A6. My Roberta (P. Prado) (2:26)
B1. Mambo No. 8 (P. Prado) (2:06)
B2. Historia De Un Amor (C. E. Almarán) (2:50)
B3. Why Wait (P. Prado) (2:12)
B4. In A Little Spanish Town ('Twas On A Night Like This) (M. Wayne - S. M. Lewis - J. Young) (2:34)
B5. Paris (P. Prado) (2:26)
B6. Mambo Jambo (Que-Rico El Mambo) (P. Prado) (2:19)

RCA NL 47305; RCA NK 47305; RCA TNL1 7305; RCA ‎TNL E 7305; Jugoton LSRCA 70832


April 20, 2014

Hans Koller Free Sound ‎- Phoenix

1. Nicolas 1/2 (H. Koller) (5:06)
2. Isus Mirror (A. Roidinger) (7:44)
3. CH & HC (H. Koller) (3:40)
4. Phoenix (H. Koller) (4:12)
5. Victor (H. Koller) (4:11)
6. LWS (A. Roidinger) (8:18)
7. Nicolas 3/4 (H. Koller) (4:52)

Hans Koller (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone)
Albert Mair (electra-piano)
Adelhard Roidinger (bass)
Alex Bally (drums)

Recorded at MPS-Studio, Villingen Villingen, September 25-26, 1972.

MPS Records 21 21293-0; MPS Records 21 21293-9; MPS Records 06024 9813438


April 14, 2014

Oliver Nelson ‎- Leonard Feather Presents The Sound Of Feeling And The Sound Of Oliver Nelson

The Sound Of Feeling
A1. My Favorite Things (R. Rodgers - O. Hammerstein II) (3:24)
A2. Waltz Without Words (G. David) (4:09)
A3. Who Knows What Love Is? (G. David) (4:25)
A4. Phrases (A. Andrece - R. Andrece) (3:40)
A5. Circe Revisited (G. David - B. Fylling) (5:56)
Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia Of Jazz All Stars
B1. Ricardo's Dilemma (R. Ayers) (2:33)
B2. Patterns For Orchestra (O. Nelson) (3:07)
B3. Sidewalks Of New York (C. B. Lawlor - J. W. Blake) (6:27)
B4. Greensleves (traditional) (2:26)

Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia of Jazz All Stars
Arranged and Conducted by Oliver Nelson
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: November 3, 1966
Ernie Royal, Burt Collins, Joe Newman, Joe Wilder, Clark Terry, Snooky Young (tp, flhrn); J.J. Johnson, Jimmy Cleveland (tb); Bob Brookmeyer (v-tb); Tony Studd (b-tb); Phil Woods (as, cl); Jerry Dodgion (as, cl, f); Zoot Sims (ts); Jerome Richardson (ts, ss, f); Danny Bank (bs); Al Dailey (p); Eric Gale (g); Ron Carter (b); Grady Tate (d); Phil Kraus (mallets, perc); Oliver Nelson (arr, cond).
a. (101574) Ricardo's Dilemma (Roy Ayers) - 2:35
b. (101576) Patterns for Orchestra (based on Example 79 from Patterns For Saxophone) (Oliver Nelson) - 3:12

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: November 4, 1966
Ernie Royal, Joe Newman, Joe Wilder, Clark Terry, Snooky Young (tp, flhrn); Nat Adderley (cnt); J.J. Johnson, Jimmy Cleveland (tb); Bob Brookmeyer (v-tb); Tony Studd (b-tb); Phil Woods (as, cl); Jerry Dodgion (as, cl, f); Zoot Sims (ts); Jerome Richardson (ts, ss, f); Danny Bank (bs); Hank Jones (p); Eric Gale (g); Ron Carter (b); Grady Tate (d); Bobby Rosengarden (mallets, perc); Oliver Nelson (arr, cond).
c. (101578) Twelve Tone Blues (aka Patterns for Orchestra) (Oliver Nelson) - 3:13
d. (101579) The Sidewalks of New York (aka East Side, West Side) (Charles B. Lawlor/James W. Blake) - 5:45 (6:28)
e. (101580) Greensleeves (traditional) - 2:27

Los Angeles: December 11, 1967
Oliver Nelson (ss); Gary David (p,vcl); Ray Neapolitan, Chuck Domanico (b); Dick Wilson (d); Alyce Andrece, Rhae Andrece (vcl).
f. (L592) My Favorite Things (Hammerstein II/Rodgers) - 3:22
g. (L593) Who Knows What Love Is (Gary David) - 4:23
h. (L594) Waltz Without Words (Gary David) - 4:07
i. (L595) Phrases (Alyce Andrece/Rhae Andrece) - 3:38

same, except Gary David (marxophone). Oliver Nelson out.
j. (L596) Circe Revisited  (Gary David/Bob Fylling) - 5:55

Note: (1) Leonard Feather's Verve V6-8743 liner notes indicate titles on side two of this release ("Ricardo's Dilemma," "Twelve Tone Blues [Patterns for Orchestra]," "Sidewalks of New York" and "Greensleeves") make up Volume 2 in the "Encyclopedia of Jazz in the Sixties" series - which was never issued. (2) "Patterns for Orchestra" [mx. 101576] was to be issued on V6-8743, but "Twelve Tone Blues" was accidentally used in its place and mistakenly titled as the former.

Issues: a & c-j on Verve V/V6-8743.
Singles: f & g also on Verve VK-10616 [45].
Samplers: a-e also on Mosaic MD6-233 [CD] titled OLIVER NELSON: THE ARGO, VERVE AND IMPULSE BIG BAND STUDIO SESSIONS. a, b, d & e also on also on Verve 314 527 564-2 [CD] titled VERVE JAZZ MASTERS 48: OLIVER NELSON. e also on Verve (E) 2352099 titled A BIG BAND SPECTACULAR. f also on EmArcy (Eu) 0602527153773 [CD] titled NICOLA CONTE PRESENTS SPIRITUAL SWINGERS. f-j also on Sunbeam (E) SBRCD5045 [CD] titled UP INTO SILENCE (as by The Sound Of Feeling).
Producer: Creed Taylor (a-e). Jesse Kaye (f-j).
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder (a-e). Dave Wiechman (f-j).
Notes: Leonard Feather (Verve V/V6-8743). Bill Kirchner (Verve 314 527 564-2).

Verve Records ‎V6-8743

April 8, 2014

Max Roach - Streams of Consciousness

1. Streams of Consciousness (M. Roach - A. Ibrahim) (21:01
2. Inception (M. Roach - A. Ibrahim) (3:53
3. Acclamation (M. Roach - A. Ibrahim) (9:29
4. Consanguinity (M. Roach - A. Ibrahim) (6:55)

Abdullah Ibrahim (piano)
Max Roach (drums)

Recorded at National Studio, New York City, September 20, 1977

Piadrum Records ‎Piadrum-0301; Baystate ‎RVJ-6016; Baystate RJL-2600


Max Roach - Lift Every Voice and Sing

1. Motherless Child (traditional; arr. M. Roach) (7:21)
2. Garden of Prayer (P. Curtis - M. Roach) (2:47)
3. Troubled Waters (traditional; arr. A. Lincoln - C. Perkinson) (7:00)
4. Let Thy People Go (traditional; arr. M. Roach) (6:50)
5. Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? (traditional; arr. M. Roach - W. Bell) (5:48)
6. Joshua (traditional; arr. M. Roach) (7:12)

Recorded at Atlantic Recording Studios, New York City, April 7 & 8, 1971.

Koch Records 8516; Rhino 7567807982; Import 112805; Hi Horse Records 1587


Max Roach - Candid Roach

1. Freedom Day (M. Roach - O. Brown, Jr.) (6:10)
2. Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah (K. Dorham) (7:03)
3. Cliff Walk (B. Little) (9:45)
4. When Malindy Sings (P. L. Dunbar - O. Brown, Jr.) (4:08)
5. In the Red (M. Roach - A. Lincoln - C. Bayen) (8:34)
6. We Speak (B. Little) (6:49)
7. A New Days (B. Little) (5:31)

Candid CCD 79038