April 20, 2014

Hans Koller Free Sound ‎- Phoenix

1. Nicolas 1/2 (H. Koller) (5:06)
2. Isus Mirror (A. Roidinger) (7:44)
3. CH & HC (H. Koller) (3:40)
4. Phoenix (H. Koller) (4:12)
5. Victor (H. Koller) (4:11)
6. LWS (A. Roidinger) (8:18)
7. Nicolas 3/4 (H. Koller) (4:52)

Hans Koller (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone)
Albert Mair (electra-piano)
Adelhard Roidinger (bass)
Alex Bally (drums)

Recorded at MPS-Studio, Villingen Villingen, September 25-26, 1972.

MPS Records 21 21293-0; MPS Records 21 21293-9; MPS Records 06024 9813438



Anonymous said...

Many many thanks from Greece.


AmyBRAINS said...

This album is a nice discovery to me.
Many, many thanks Brian.

Kostas from Piraeus said...

Many,many thanks for all these masterpieces on your blog.
Keep on the good work...
Best wishes from Greece...

Calisan said...

Woooow! from the MPS vaults! Thanks for this incredible set of musicians in their creative peak.
I'm looking for the monumental "Kunstkopfindianer" from some LP rip although the CD sounds great.
I hope soon post "Free Sound & Super Brass"
Thanks Brian for any stuff from MPS

Herman van der Meij (Toppy) said...

Thank you we love Hans Koller!

Wade Cottingham said...

Thank you Brian. MPS = good.

sp59 said...

Thanks a lot! Excellent album ,sensational blog, congratulations from Romania!

SOTISE said...

thanks a lot brian, anyone notice the uncredited trombonist?