May 5, 2014

Vienna Art Choir - From No Art to Mo-(z)-Art

Side A
1. Chi (M. Rüegg) ( )
2. Chi-ni (M. Rüegg) ( )
3. Chi-ni-pref (M. Rüegg) ( )
4. Chi-ni-pref-sta (M. Rüegg) ( )
5. Chi-ni-pref-sta-huk (M. Rüegg - Wales) ( )
Side B
6. Chi-ni-pref-sta-huk-wo (M. Rüegg) ( )
7. Chi-ni-pref-sta-huk-wo-ei (M. Rüegg) ( )
8. Chi-ni-pref-sta-huk-wo-ei-eu (M. Rüegg) ( )
9. Chi-ni-pref-sta-huk-wo-ei-eu-au (M. Rüegg) ( )
10. Chi-ni-pref-sta-huk-wo-ei-eu-au-bd (M. Rüegg) ( )
11. Chi-ni-pref-sta-huk-wo-ei-eu-au-bd-gsch (W. A. Mozart - M. Rüegg) ( )

The Wiener Schönberg Choir:
Lauren Newton (lead voice, vocal solos)
Renate Bochdansky (soprano vocal)
Maria Bayer, Lis Malina, Sharon Natalie, Patricia Caya, Karin Riessner (alto vocal)
Peter Jelosits, Kurt Azesberger, Christof Prinz (tenor vocal)
Roland Streiner (baritone vocal)
Winfried Stelzmüller (bass vocal)
Johannes Prinz (bass vocal, choir leader)
George Lewis (trombone), Christian Radovan (trombone)
Wolfgang Puschnig (alto saxophone, sopranino saxophone, bass clarinet, piccolo, flute, exotic flutes)
Mathias Rüegg (arranger, director)

Tracks 1-10 recorded at Studio Kornhäusel, Vienna, Austria, May 1983.
Track 11 is live recording by unknown peole with unknown tape recorder.

Moers Music (G) 2002


agmosk said...

Its got George Lewis and Puschnig. I want this one! Thanks, Brian!

AmyBRAINS said...

Sory Brian, but this link (the second part)doesn't work.
Many thanks in advance.

brian said...
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brian said...

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-Otto- said...

worked for me, the link(s). Thanks, brian!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

agmosk said...

Still not getting the whole CD; can you do new links, please?

brian said...

my mac was down... i could not see the problem... two tracks... two sides of LP!

Antonis said...

Thank you so much! So many years spent to listen again to this super record!

Anonymous said...

Please, could you re-up?

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