June 16, 2014

Max Roach - Survivors (LP)

1. Survivors (M. Roach - Peter Phillips) (21:24)
2. The Third Eye (M. Roach) (2:11)
3. Billy The Kid (M. Roach) (3:01)
4. JasMe (M. Roach) (3:34)
5. The Drum Also Waltzes (M. Roach) (3:19)
6. Sassy Max (Self Portrait) (M. Roach) (3:21)
7. The Smoke That Thunders (M. Roach) (5:46)

Max Roach (drums, percussion)
String Quartet:
Donald Bauch, Guillermo Figueroa (violin)
Louise Schulman (viola)
Chris Finckel (cello)

Recorded at Vanguard Studios, New York City, October 19, 20 & 21, 1984.

Soul Note (It) SN 1093; Soul Note (It) 121093-2


P.S.: My LP is crisp... but if someone have CD, post it on some blog and i'll find it! Thanks!”


Anonymous said...

incredible drummer!

Brush&Stick said...

Looks amazing, thank you!

cvllos said...

Thank you, Brian!
Roach has always developed a personal style on drums.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this treat, brian - crips or not. roach and string quartet makes me real curious!

cheers, lucky

jazzcat1228 said...

Thank you, Brian!

Bhowani said...

Great share (as usual !), Brian !

Raz Sekeles said...

Dear Brian, you've made my day !!!
it's not everyday that someone share such a unique recording.
i should send copies to a few drummers, friends of mine to listen to roach with strings.
Symphony of drums :-)
thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!