June 3, 2014

Sivuca & Guitars Unlimited ‎- Let's Vamos

A1. Coisa No. 10 (M. Santos) (4:08)
A2. Vassourinhas (M. da Rocha - J. Batista Ramos) (3:07)
A3. Chorinho P'ra Ele (H. Pascoal) (2:24)
A4. Trem Caipira (H. Villa-Lobos) (3:29)
A5. Cheirinho De Mulher (Sivuca - G. Gadelha) (5:52)
B1. Noites Cariocas (J. Do Bandolim) (4:45)
B2. Cada Um Torce Como Pode (Sivuca) (2:29)
B3. Tequila Sunrise (U. Wakenius) (3:59)
B4. Nilopolitano (Dominguinhos) (3:25)
B5. Xorinho Com X (F. O. da Costa Maia - L. Maia) (3:12)

Sivuca (accordion, spoons)
Peter Almqvist, Ulf Wakenius (guitar)
Luizao (bass, guitar)
Fernando Pereira (drums, percussion)
Glória Glorinha Gadelha (vocal 5)

Tracks 1-6 recorded at Sonet Studios, Stockholm, May 15th & August 30th, 1986.
Tracks 7-10 recorded at Sonet Studios, Stockholm, August 18th, 1986.

Tracks PGP RTB 220914; Sonet SNTF 987; Sonet 732.7007; Young 320.7007


track 7

tracks 7-10


Trebor55 said...

Looks like the second part has an error. could you please check it and maybe upload another link

thanks a lot for this great music

Jazzhound said...

Track 7 is corrupt on http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/54938030/file.html

brian said...

track 7


Jazzhound said...

Still can't get tracks 8 or 9 either from the original rar set.

Thanks, brian for this album. I'm enjoying listening to the other tracks very much.

brian said...

use first rar tools repair archive for three zippy files and then missing track 7 rar! sorry!

Jan said...

Thank you so much! I think problem with all part 2

indigonoir@gmail.com said...

Great music upon discovering your blog. Thank you. I've been curious about Sivuca and wanted to hear them by themselves since I heard them playing with Miriam Makeba on her Live in Tokyo album (a 1968 Japanese release and apparently a rarity in itself). This is a great album too and if you would like to hear it, I can forward it to you via WeTransfer. And if you find the time to re-up the last two tracks of the Sivuca album, thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

I do not get down all the CD by the failure of part 2. Impossible down tracks 8, 9 and 10

brian said...

tracks 7-10


indigonoir@gmail.com said...

Thank you for the re-up of the last 3 tracks Brian. Plays like a dream.