July 14, 2014

Newport Jazz Festival All Stars 1959

1. Royal Garden Blues (C. Williams - S. Williams) (4:11)
2. Sunday (C. Conn - B. Krueger - N. Miller - J. Styne) (4:39)
3. Dinah (H. Akst - S. Lewis - J. Young) (4:18)
4. Deed I Do (W. Hirsch - F. Rose) (4:45)
5. Pee Wee Russell's Unique Sound (traditional) (4:44)
6. You Took Advantage Of Me (L. Hart - R. Rodgers) (5:53)
7. Rose Room (A. Hickman - H. Williams) (7:00)

Buck Clayton (trumpet)
Vic Dickenson (trombone)
Bud Freeman (tenor saxophone)
Pee Wee Russell (clarinet)
George Wein (piano)
Champ Jones (bass)
Jake Hanna (drums)

The above session recorded at the Storyville Club, Boston, cca. June 1959. prior to the festival.

Wounded Bird Records WOU 1331; Atlantic SD 1331; London Records SAH-K 6116; London LTZ-K15202



-Otto- said...

Never knew this one has seen a CD release. Thanks, brian!

zoot said...

many thanks brian

Anonymous said...

Thanks, fantastic music! Roberto

lucky5 said...

Great music. Thank you very much, Brian!

jazzcat1228 said...

Thank you, Brain for this nice share. Wein is a decent piano player, but he always got some nice talent to play with him.