July 11, 2014

Tomasz Stańko ‎- Lady Go...

A1. Modi Modi (T. Stańko) (6:22)
A2. The First (W. Szczurek) (3:15)
A3. Mr. Paul At Martha's Place (T. Stańko) (4:20)
A4. (Almost Gama (T. Stańko) (4:10)
B1. Lady Go (T. Stańko) (5:50)
B2. Last Song (T. Stańko) (2:30)
B3. Lakis And Basia (A. Antymos) (3:10)
B4. Violet Liquor (T. Stańko) (5:15)
B5. Les Papillons Gris (T. Stańko) (0:40)
B6. Modi Modi (T. Stańko) (1:20)

Tomasz Stańko (trumpet)
Apostolis Antymos (drums, percussion guitars)
Witold Szczurek (bass guitar, bass)
Tomasz Hołuj (percussion)

Recorded in Warsaw, Poland, June 1984.

Polskie Nagrania Muza SX 2224; Metal Mind Productions MMP CD 0644 DG



-Otto- said...

Thank you for this rare LP.

Vitko said...

Thanks Brian, this Stańko album I did not have the opportunity to listen.

upkerry14 said...

super share Brian! I never tire of hearing Stanko. I really enjoy hearing Poles and other of those guys from "over there". We are not exposed to them enough I think and it's a shame. There are some great musicians out there. Cheers!

Alan Burns said...

Thank you - Stanko is the best!

Chris said...

Thanks Brian I'm another big Tomasz Stańko fan

Vanusian said...

thanks - didn't know of this one. polish jazz is often so good.