July 10, 2014

Werner Pirchner & Harry Pepl - Jazzzwio: Live, Montreux '81

A1. Introduction (C. Nobs) (0:26)
A2. The Day We Know, Paul Desmond Is Gone (W. Pirchner - H. Pepl) (14:22)
A3. Against The Wind (H. Pepl) (7:41)
B1. Homesick (W. Pirchner) (7:32)
B2. Germ In A (H. Pepl) (3:50)
B3. Raga In M (W. Pirchner) (9:19)

Werner Pirchner (vibraharp)
Harry Pepl (guitar)

This Album has been recorded live at the Montreux Jazzfestival on July 12th, 1981. Mountain Studios. Werner Pirchner & Harry Pepl are using Roland amplification & P.A. from Elektrovoice. Remastered at the Tonstudio Ströher.

WEA Wea A 58 393



Anonymous said...

thanks for this, brian! vibraharp isn't the most common instrument, really.


-Otto- said...

Oh these Austrians... zwio = duet or maybe just duo. At least that way they end up with three Zs in a row. Thanks, brian!

headman said...

This looks very interesting but unfortunately the second zippy file seems to be wrongly named and is not available for download.

Calisan said...

Hi Brian wonderful duo but I don't know if is it me or the second part have troubles in the server.
I can't download it for some reason

headman said...

Thanks for fixing the link, Brian

Calisan said...

Thanks Brian I look forward to listening to this gem!!