August 5, 2014

Chano Pozo - El Tambor De Cuba

disc 1

disc 2

disc 3

box & booklet scans


Lou Vascek said...

fantastic !
excellent music, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Encountered errors while unpacking CD1 files. Please fix. Thanks a lot!

brian said...

i downloaded them and it is o.k.!!!!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love this! never heard of Chano before, so the booklet scans with all those fotos and bio would be very useful to me, massive work, thanks a bunch, Brian!


-Otto- said...

Very nice box set. Thank you, brian!

And for "anon": Re-DL! You probably have an incomplete segment. I have no problems whatsoever with any of them.

AmyBRAINS said...

Many, many thanks, Brian.

lucky5 said...

Great music, thank you, Brian!!

Brush&Stick said...

Wonderful & historical, many thanks!

Otis Foster said...

Thnx brian - he was instrumental introducing a strong Afro-Cuban elemental to jazz.

jose luis said...

Thank you Brian, this is a fantastic and historical collection, I listen it all.

fabio verdini said...

Dear Brian I can't find the files! May you upload the CD2 and the book on another server (uploaded, esybytez, etc). Chano Pozo triple cds and book is an Amazing stuff!
Thanks so mucH!