September 15, 2014

Mombasa ‎- Tathagata

A1. Requiem For The Third World (L. Blackburn) (4:40)
A2. Kumbayah (traditional; arr. L. Blackburn) (3:32)
A3. Devi Devi Den Beintu (T. Nahar) (4:48)
A4. Drums Of Mombasa (L. Blackburn) (2:41)
A5. Diana's Venti (D. Wilson) (1:55)
B1. Call And Response (T. Nicholas) (4:53)
B2. Tathagata (L. Blackburn) (2:18)
B3. Zimbabwe (L. Blackburn) (5:30)
B4. O'Bachulli (D. Coleman) (2:22)

Trumpet, Percussion – Carmell Jones
Trombone, Vocal, Percussion – Lou Blackburn
Bass – Ed Wright
Drums, Percussion – Tony Nahar
Congas, Percussion – Tom Nicholas
Congas, Percussion, Vocal – Darryl Wilson, Donald Coleman

Recorded at Cornet Studio, Cologne, Germany, January 1980.

WIND Records WIND 002


Kostas from Piraeus said...

Thank a lot for these two albums from Mombasa.
Very hard to find for me.
Have you the: Mombasa - Ode To Kalahari?
Thank you very much...

brian said...

no, i don't have it... and i am looking for that one!

indigonoir said...

I have the same problem as Kostas from Piraeus. So, a BIG thank you Brian for posting both these albums. I am listening to them now.

-Otto- said...

Thank you, brian, for another Mombasa album.

JD said...

Huge thanks for the pair of Mombasa albums, Mr Pretty!! Sound good!!

mahindi masai said...

It's great to read that people are still enjoying Mombasa! I enjoyed playing, touring, and recording with them. It was a very special time in my life. That's me with my arms spread out in front of the band wearing my father's jacket.

-Otto- said...

Oh, that is so touching to find out some of the details about the photo on the cover and the personal story. Thank you, mahindi masai. Long live your father's jacket!

brian said...

what a story!

Franco said...

Thanks for this....great stuff !

pantufo said...

Hi Brian
Could you please re-up Mombasa-Tathagata ????
Thanks in advance

brian said...

pantufo said...

Wonderful!!! Thanks again!!