September 27, 2014

Mose Allison • Mose In Your Ear

Side 1
1. Look What You Made Me Do (M. Allison) (3:28)
2. Fool's Paradise (J. Fuller - M. Cordle) (4:56)
3. I Don't Worry About A Thing (M. Allison) (2:41)
4. Powerhouse (M. Allison) (8:40)
Side 2
5. Hey, Good Lookin' (H. Williams) (1:55)
6. I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues (D. Ellington - D. George) (4:25)
7. You Can Count On Me To Do My Part (M. Allison) (2:33)
8. You Are My Sunshine (J. Davis - C. Mitchell) (3:08)
9. Don't Forget To Smile (M. Allison) (2:35)
10. The Seventh Son (W. Dixon) (4:22)

Mose Allison (piano, vocal)
Clyde Flowers (bass)
Eddie Charlton (drums)

Recorded live at In Your Ear, Palto Alto, California, April 25, 1972.
Re-mixed at Atlantic Recording Studios, New York, N.Y.

Atlantic Records SD 1627; Atlantic SD 1627


moha said...

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A rare(er) live gig on Atlantic. Thanks, brian!

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