September 29, 2014

Mose Allison - Young Man Mose

1. Somebody Else Is Taking My Place (D. Howard - B. Ellsworth - R. Morgan) (4:06)
2. Don't Get Around Much Anymore (D. Ellington - B. Russell) (2:50)
3. Bye Bye Blues (F. Hamm - D. Bennett - B. Lown - C. Gray) (3:23)
4. How Long Has This Been Going On? (G. Gershwin - I. Gershwin) (4:12)
5. I Told Ya I Love Ya, Now Get Out (H. Ellis - L. Carter - J. Frigo) (4:45)
6. Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand (R. Charles) (3:18)
7. Stroll (M. Allison) (3:59)
8. I Hadn't Anyone Till You (R. Noble) (2:35)
9. My Kinda Love (F. Siegel) (3:54)
10. Sleepy Time Gal (R. A. Whiting - A. Lorenzo - J. R. Alden - R. B. Egan) (5:24)

Mose Allison (piano 1-6, 8-10; vocal 2, 6, 8; trumpet 7)
Addison Farmer (bass)
Nick Stabulas (drums)

Recorded at the Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, January 24, 1958.

Prestige Records 7137; Fantasy 240552; Prestige Records 24055; Ace 240552


-Otto- said...

A very enjoyable early album by Mose Allison, and it comes with impeccable scans too. Thank you, brian!

Chris said...

Thanks Brian for another interesting Mose Allison album

peer57 said...

Thanks Brian....Can i use it for the RVG-blog?

lucky5 said...

Thank you for the FLAC, Brian!

steve said...

Nice Brian! Many thanks for this listen!

Otis Foster said...

This is new to me.

Thnx Brian