October 11, 2014

Nat King Cole & Lester Young Quintet - The Historical Jazz Session

1. Indiana (J. F. Hanley - B. MacDonald) (5:58)
2. I Can't Get Started (V. Duke - I. Gershwin) (4:54)
Lester Young (tenor saxophone)
Nat King Cole (piano)
Red Callender (bass)
Note: An unknown drummer was dubbed in for track 1.
Tracks 1, 2 recorded in New York City or Los Angeles, July 15, 1942.

3. Jumpin' at Meaners (Jumpin' at Mesner's) (L. Young) (4:48)

Vic Dickenson (trombone)
Lester Young (tenor saxophone)
Dodo Marmarosa (piano)
Red Callender (bass)
Henry Tucker (drums)
Track 3 recorded in Los Angeles, cca. December 20, 1945.

4. S.M. Blues (L. Young) (4:15)

Shorty McConnell (trumpet)
Lester Young (tenor saxophone)
Fred Lacey (guitar)
Argonne Thornton (piano)
Rodney Richardson (bass)
Lyndell Marshall (drums)
Track 4 recorded in Chicago, IL., cca. October 1946.

5. Jammin' with Lester (L. Young) (3:02)

Howard McGhee (trumpet)
Vic Dickenson (trombone)
Lester Young (tenor saxophone)
Willie Smith (alto saxophone)
Wesley Jones (piano)
Curtis Counce (bass)
Johnny Otis (drums)
Track 5 recorded in Los Angeles, cca. January 18, 1946.

Musidisc (F) CV-938




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Very nice find. Thank you, brian!

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Always good to hear from Nat & Lester. Thanks for posting this nice jazz obscurity.

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Great pairing. Many thanks.

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My first jazz lp, very nice. Thanks Ramón.