October 3, 2014

Steve White - Jazz in Hollywood Series

1. The Perfect Mate (S. White) (3:10)
2. The Funk Dispenser (S. White) (2:53)
3. Freeway (S. White) (5:41)
4. Ain't Misbehavin' (T. F. Waller - H Brooks - A Razaf) (4:42)
5. How Deep Is The Ocean? (I. Berlin) (4:02)
6. She Was All Wet (S. White) (3:49)
7. Red And White Blew (Take 1 Incomplete) (J. Rowles) (2:39)
8. Red And White Blew (Take 2) (J. Rowles) (3:08)
9. Easy Does It (Take 1) (C. Basie - B. Russell) (5:58)
10. Easy Does It (Take 2) (C. Basie - B. Russell) (3:26)
11. Nocturnal Salesman (S. White) (6:37)

Steve White (tenor saxophone, vocal)
Herbie Harper (trombone 9-11)
Jimmy Rowles (piano)
Roy Harte (drums)

Recorded (probably) at Western Recorders, Hollywood, CA, 1954.

Nocturne Records OJCCD-1891-2



steve said...

Most unusual! Thanks for this listen!

bluebird said...

Thanks Brian - keen to try out Steve White. Not a very well known name at all but the house rhythm section looks good.
There is another SW session posted over at Jazzman.

Jaffa said...

Rare music from a guy who's music is obscure anyway ! Most welcome and thanks s lot.

Otis Foster said...

Thnx Brian.

White also did a Jazz in Hollywood session with Virgil Gonsalves.

Rodney said...

Thanks a lot, Brian. I hope it's okay if I repeat this at Jazzman as part of our Jimmie Rowles project, with credit to you of course.