November 23, 2014

Lex Jasper Trio ‎- Out Of My Heart

A1. On A Clear Day (B. Lane - A. J. Lerner) (2:26)
A2. Alfie (B. Bacharach - H. David) (3:51)
A3. If I Were A Bell (F. Loesser) (3:43)
A4. Out Of My Heart (L. Jasper) (4:00)
A5. Little Train (H. Villa-Lobos) (2:49)
B1. We've Only Just Begun (R. Nichols - P. Williams) (4:03)
B2. A Child Is Born (T. Jones) (3:39)
B3. Wave (A. C. Jobim) (4:06)
B4. For All We Know (F. Karlin) (4:03)
B5. Theme From Mannix (L. Schiffrin) (3:40)

Lex Jasper (piano)
Rob Langereis (bass)
Peter Ypma (drums)

Recorded at the M.C. Studio, Nederhorst den Berg, June 22-23, 1975.

Lark INL 2593; Lark (Du) INL2593


Wade Cottingham said...

enjoying this very much! thank you brian!

Anonymous said...

Lex Jasper is great!!!

Thank you very much for sharing this one, Brian.

- der bajazzo

peer57 said...

Thanks a lot, Brian....I can use this for Dutch Jazz! There's not so much known about Lex Jasper...I know he died in a car-accident in 2006..
I have some other albums of him posted at Dutch Jazzz...

brian said...

yes i saw and downloaded them! Use my Jaser! As usual!

deGallo said...

Thank you.

Lex Jasper said...

Thank you very much for all the compliments!! Although I had two car-accidents, I'm still alive and playing piano all the time!

Thanks again, Lex Jasper