December 2, 2014

Chris Barber Jazz And Blues Band ‎- Creole Love Call

A1. Stevedoor Stomp (3:19)
A2. Come Friday (5:49)
A3. Sweet Sue (7:49)
B1. Wild Cat Blues (3:37)
B2. St. Louis Blues (11:43)
B3. Alligator Hop (2:43)
C1. Queen Bess (8:18)
C2. Creole Love Call (10:33)
D1. South Rampart Street Parade (3:15)
D2. Snag It (8:07)
D3. Easter Parade (6:24)

Trumpet – Pat Halcox
Trombone – Chris Barber
Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone – John Crocker
Alto Saxophone, Clarinet – Ian Wheeler
Guitar – Roger Hill
Banjo, Guitar – Johnny McCallum
Bass – Vic Pitt
Drums – Norman Emberson

Recorded at the Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, West Germany, October 17th 1979. & March 31st 1981.

Timelless/Jugoton LSY-65043/4; Timeless Records TTD 502/503


jazzuk said...

Thank you. Have a mp3 rip of this but nice to have an upgrade.

Vitko said...

Excellent double LP, so refined, Ellington's "Come Friday", "Queen Bess" and "Creole Love Call" as and "St. Louis Blues"(by Handy), blow you away today.
By the way, Jugoton vinyls today represent a rarity. Thank you Brian.

slipry said...

Unfortunately it seems track 11, Easter Parade, is damaged. Anyone else find this, or is it only me?

brian said...

slipry... i downloaded it myself and i don't see any problem! the track 11 works fine!

brian said...

for vitko

my next posts will beeeeee:

Various Artists • International Jazz Junction, Vol. 1
1. She & Traffic (G. Klatt) (5:55)
2. In Pivo Veritas (A. Faix) (4:35)
3. La Pregunta (K. Miklin) (11:15)
4. Gutology (S. Gut) (6:03)
5. Wheatland (O. Peterson) (8:04)
6. Mystery (T. Salminen) (5:51)

A1. Gunther Klatt Quartet (FR Germany): Gunther Klatt-ts; Paul Grabowsky-p; Daniel Anderson-b; Hacky Hartmann-ds
A2. Jazz Fragment Prague (Czechoslovakia): Alex Faix-p,keybd; Milan Pekny-el.violin; Jaroslav Solc-fl; Pfemysl Faukner-b; Petr Reiterman-ds
A3. Karlheinz Miklin Trio (Austria): Karlheinz Miklin-ss; Ewald Oberleiner-b; Bruning von Alten-ds
B1. Gut-Markovic Sextet (Yugoslavia): Stjepko Gut-tp,flh; Milivoj Markovic-as; Nikola Mitrovic-flugabon; Milos Krstic-p; Misa Blam-b; Lazar Tosic-ds
B2. Intrioduction (Netherlands): Harry Happel-p; Daan Gaillard-b; Fred Krens-ds
B3. Teemu Salminen Quartet (Finland): Teemu Salminen-ts; Jukka Linkola-p; Pekka Saramanto-b; Reino Laine-ds

Recorded: [A1] 5. July, 1983; [A2] Autimn 1981; [A3] 6. December, 1980; [B1] Spring 1982; B2] 11 February, 1981; [B3] 14. April, 1982.

Jugoton LSY-66193

Various Artists • International Jazz Junction, Vol. 2
Side A:
1. Hot Monkey Love ( )
2. Eloise 75 ( )
3. Gonzy Y Lili ( )
Side B:
4. Stella By Starlight ( )
5. The Further You Go The Closer You Get ( )
6. Social Insecurity ( )

A1. The California State University Northridge Jazz Band (USA)
A2. Alberto Zuckerman & Roberto Aymes Duo (MEXICO)
A3. Macondo (GB)
B1. Schnétberger Trio (HUNGARY)
B2. Ofir Gal Group (ISRAEL)
B3. Heavy Metal Sextet (POLAND)

RECORDED [A1, A2, B1, B2] - 1984; [A3] - 1981; [B3] - 1983

Jugoton LSY-66228

Vitko said...

I look forward to. Thank you Brian.