December 9, 2014

Gunter Hampel Big Band - Cavana, Vol. 1

A1. Pertidos (Composition 440) (G. Hampel) (6:53)
A2. Bahia (Composition 345) (G. Hampel) (15:17)
B1. Serenade For Marion Brown (346) (G. Hampel) (14:08)
B2. Cavana (Composition 343) (G. Hampel) (7:37)

Rüdiger Mettenbrink (trumpet)
Joachim Gückel (trombone)
Charles Walker (tenor saxophone)
Otto Jansen (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone)
Ove Vollquartz (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet)
Thomas Keyserling (alto saxophone, flute)
Jens Frahm, Perry Robinson (clarinet)
Gunter Hampel (flute, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, vibraphone, conductor, arranger)
Ingo Marmula (guitar)
Jürgen Attig (bass)
Martin Bues (drums)
Klaus Mages (9ercussion)
Jeanne Lee (voice)

Recorded at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, 15. 12. 1981.

This recording is Volume 1 to Gunther Hampel Big Band Vol. 2, Generator, Birth 0035.

Birth 0034; Birth Records BIRTH 0034



Anonymous said...

I have this LP, but with two dead turntables, I have not heard it in years. I was never able to track down the second volume. Is it possible that you have it?? That would make my day/my week/my year!! Many thanks for this; I look forward to hearing it again.


martin said...

This is marvelous, thank you.

SOTISE said...

great stuff, Brian thank you for both of these!

agmosk said...

Thank very much!

-Otto- said...

A new Hampel album for me. Thank you, brian!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

brian said...

gunter hampel • cavana, vol. 1 (mp3)

Anonymous said...

thanks brian!
I'm really looking forward to hear this!

asjchrlpa mc said...

Someone will have Gunther Hampel Big Band Vol 2, Generator, Birth 0035
perhaps the author of post. Thanks

brian said...

no i don't have it... but i would like to see somewhere... if you find it let me know!