January 1, 2015

Pete Fountain - Alive In New Orleans

A1. Jazz Me Blues (T. Delaney) (5:33)
A2. Stranger On The Shore (A. Bilk - R. Mellin) (4:03)
A3. Little Girl (F. Henry - M. Hyde) (1:59)
A4. When Your Lover Has Gone (E. A. Swan) (5:02)
B1. Struttin' With Some Barbecue (L. Hardin-Armstrong - D. Raye) (3:32)
B2. Georgia On My Mind (H. Carmichael - S. Gorrell) (3:48)
B3. Diane (E. Rapee - L. Pollack) (3:22)
B4. Margie (C. Conrad - B. Davis - J. R. Robinson) (4:55)
B5. Indiana (J. F. Hanley - B. MacDonald) (5:11)

Mike Serpas (trumpet)
Jack Delaney, Jim Duggan (trombone)
Eddie Miller (tenor saxophone)
Pete Fountain (clarinet)
Earl Vuiovich (piano)
Oliver Felix (bass)
Charlie Lodice (drums)

Recorde at Studio In The Country, Bogalusa, Louisiana, 1977.

PGP RTB 2220482; First American 2220482; First American Records FA7706



Luis said...

Thanks Brian, never heard this album.

Vitko said...

Thank you brian and Happy New Year!


deGallo said...

Nice! Very nice sounding restoration!! This is one of his best albums I think. No distortion on any of the tracks I've listened to, so I think you must have corrected your earlier problem with some of your rips. It is very "alive" sounding. Thank you.

brian said...

thanks deGallo!

serg jazz said...