January 13, 2015

Woody Herman and his Orchestra - 17:30

1. Blue Flame (theme) (1:06)
2. Four Brothers (J. Giuffre) (3:27)
3. Early Autumn (R. Burns) (4:24)
4. Blues for Poland (T. Klatka) (5:54)
5. Opus de Funk (H. Silver) (8:38)
6. Greasy Sack Blues (D. Rader) (6:42)
7. Woodchopper's Ball (W. Herman - J. Bishop) (4:36)
8. Caldonia (F. F. Moore) (10:51)

Jeffrey Davis, Nelson Hatt, John Hoffman, Dennis Dotson, William Byrne (tp)
James Pugh, Dale Kirkland (tb), Vaughn Wiester (btb)
Woody Herman (cl, as, ss; voc 8)
Frank Tiberi (ts, fl, bassoon)
Gary Anderson (ts, fl, arr)
Sal Spicola (ts, fl, afl, pic)
John Oslawski (bars)
Lyle-David Mays (p, el-p)
Wilburn Stewart (b, elb)
Stephen Houghton (drums)
Alan Broadbent, Tony Klatka (arr)

Recorded live at the Congress Hall PKiN, Warsaw, Poland, October 25, 1976.

Poljazz (P) ZSX 617



Luis said...

Thank you for more Woody! I hope you can post the companion volume of Woody album in Warsaw: 20:30

itr said...

Fine! Many thanks, Brian.

agmosk said...

Great post, Brian! Thanks for all the Woody!

bho wani said...

Great job for a marvelous bunch. Many thanks, Brian