December 25, 2015

George Young - Oleo

1. Oleo (S. Rollins) (7:52)
2. I Hear A Rhapsody (G. Fragos - J. Baker - D. Gasparre) (7:34)
3. Meaning Of The Blues (B. Troup - L. Worth) (10:56)
4. For Diz (G. Young) (7:20)
5. Love Bug (G. Young) (5:23)
6. The Gentle Rain (L. Bonfa) (10:00)
7. Butterfingers (I. Berlin) (6:31)
8. Body And Soul (J.W. Green - R. Sour - E. Heyman) (5:34)

George Young (tenor saxophone )
Warren Bernhardt (piano )
Dave Holland (bass )
Jack DeJohnette (drums )

Recorded At Clinton Recording Studio, N.Y., November 16, 1987.

Black Hawk K32Y6221 CD; Paddle Wheel K28P 6484


Anonymous said...

Track 8 ???

Anonymous said...

8. Body And Soul
is Broken

lucky5 said...

Thank you for introducing the music of George Young!

bho wani said...

Amazing shares ! Three at the time ! I know him only as a member of the Bellson Big Band's reeds section, nothing more. So your gifts are very welcome !!Many (3x) thanks, Brian !

brian said...

i checked--- and the cd is fucked up... so if someone have this track... please post it!!!! i will check on web if i coud find it!