December 24, 2015

Stan Kenton And His Orchestra ‎- Stan Kenton Today: Recorded Live In London (Stan Kenton Today: Live In Concert)

A1. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life (M. Legrand - A. & M. Bergman) (6:08)
A2. Chiapas (H. Levy) (8:17)
A3. Opus In Pastels (S. Kenton) (3:56)
A4. Malaguena (E. Lecuona) (4:27)
B1. Artistry In Percussion (P. Rugolo) (4:56)
B2. Yesterdays (J. Kern - O. Harbach) (6:47)
B3. Fringe Benefit (H. Levy) (4:53)
B4. Bogota (K. Hanna) (7:07)
C1. Intermission Riff (edited) (R. Wetzel) (5:05)
C2. Ambivalence (H. Levy) (9:03)
C3. Interlude (P. Rugolo) (5:05)
C4. The Peanut Vendor (M. Simons - L. W. Gilbert - M. Sunshine) (5:32)
D1. Malaga (B. Holman) (8:57)
D2. Walk Softly (J. Richards - C. Webb) (4:55)
D3. Take The A Train (B. Strayhorn) (2:13)
D4. Artistry In Rhythm (S. Kenton) (7:06)
D5. God Save The Queen (recorded after the concert) (1:49)

Mike Vax (trumpet)
Jay Saunders (trumpet, cowbell)
Dennis Noday (trumpet, guiro)
Ray Brown (trumpet, flugelhorn, shaker)
Joe Marcinkiewicz (trumpet, flugelhorn, maracas)
Dick Shearer, Mike Jamieson, Fred Carter (trombone)
Mike Wallace (bass trombone)
Phil Herring (bass trombone, tuba)
Richard Torres, Kim Frizell (tenor saxophone, flute)
Quin Davis (alto saxophone, flute)
Willie Maiden (baritone saxophone, arranger)
Chuck Carter (baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute)
Stan Kenton (piano, arranger)
John Worster (bass, electric bass)
John Von Ohlen (drums)
Ramon Lopez (conga, bongos, chimes, triangle)
Bill Holman, Hank Levy, Ken Hanna, Bob Curnow (arrangers)

Recorded live in concert at the Fairfield Hall, Croydon, February 10, 1972.

London Records BP 44179-80; London Records BP8-44179/80; London Records SP 44179-80; London Records ‎2 BSP.25 SP.44179DJ; London Records ‎2 BSP.25 SP44180DJ; Decca SD 3006/1-2; Phase 4 Stereo DKL 3

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