December 19, 2015

Stan Kenton ‎Plays Chicago

Chicago III Suite
A1. Canon (J. Pankow) (1:36)
A2. Mother (R. Lamm) (5:27)
Soloist – Brett Stamps, Dick Shearer
A3. Once Upon A Time (J. Pankow) (4:00)
Soloist – Stan Kenton
A4. Free (R . Lamm) (3:22)
Soloist – Mike Barrowman, Peter Erskine, Roy Reynolds
From Blood, Sweat And Tears
B1. Alone (L. Marini) (3:42)
Soloist – Dick Shearer
B2. First Child (R. Curnow) (4:30)
Soloist – Dick Shearer, Tony Campise
Soloist, Flugelhorn – Kevin Jordan
B3. The Rise And Fall Of A Short Fugue (R. Curnow) (4:05)
Soloist – Peter Erskine, Stan Kenton
Soloist, Flugelhorn – Tony Campise
B4. Inner Crisis (L. Willis) (6:31)
Soloist – Tony Campise

Trumpet – Dave Zeagler, John Harner, Kevin Jordan, Mike Barrowman, Mike Snustead
Trombone – Bill Hartman, Brett Stamps, Dick Shearer, Lloyd Spoon
Saxophone, Flute – Dick Wilkie, Greg Smith, Rich Condit, Roy Reynolds, Tony Campise
Tuba – Mike Wallace
Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass – Mike Ross
Drums – Peter Erskine
Percussion – Ramon Lopez
Conductor, Arranged By, Producer – Robert Curnow

Recorded at Universal Studios, Chicago, Illinois, June 4-6, 1974.

Creative World ‎ST 1072; Creative World STD 1072

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Thank you very much for the Kenton binge! It was great, Brian!