March 28, 2016

Allen Houser - Stolen Moments

1. Stolen Moments (O. Nelson) (14:32)
2. Dewey Square (C. parker) (16:22)
3. The Chess Players (W. Shorter) (15:07)
4. Kosovo (A. Houser) (11:03)
5. Minor Diversion (A. Houser) (12:36)

Allen Houser (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Bob Balthis (trombone)
Paul Hannah (tenor saxophone)
Bob Butta (piano)
George Hyde (bass)
Bob Willis Jones (drums)

Recorded in Bob Balthis’ Basement, 2004.

Straight Ahead Records ARS006


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dogon ad said...

Brian, Is there any chance you can reup these Allen Houser albums. I missed these when you posted last year.

brian said...

the rest is coming very sooooon!

dogon ad said...

Thank you so much Brian...Great stuff!!!