March 22, 2016

Louis Hayes Jazz Comunicators - Lou's Idea

1. Lou's Idea (L. Hayes) (5:22)
2. Curtain Call (B. Harris) (4:00)
3. Nothing Better To Do (P. Vance - L. Pockriss) (4:13)
4. Say a Little Prayer (B. Bacharach) (7:40)
5. Bolivia (C. Walton) (5:08)
6. Soul Eyes (M. Waldron) (7:45)
7. This is New (K.Weill - I. Gershwin) (6:05)
8. Just Feeling (M. Tyner) (3:04)
9. Same Page (S. DeBriano) (5:30)
10. I Have Nothing Better To Do (extended version) (dedicated to Carmen McRae) (P. Vance - L. Pockriss) (8:18)

Abraham Burton (saxophone)
Steve Nelson (vibraphone)
Mulgrew Miller (piano)
Santi DeBriano (bass)
Louis Hayes (drums)

Mixed and mastered at Showplace Studios, Dover, NJ, April 5-7, 2010.

American Showplace Music


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