March 27, 2016

The Allen Houser Sextet - Live at the One Step Down

1. Blowin' the Blues Away (H. Silver) (8:30)
2. I'll Never Be the Same (M. Malneck - F. Signorelli - G. Kahn) (11:05)
3. Runnin' Wild with Trevor Koehler (A. Houser) (8:50)
4. The Gigalo (L. Morgan) (11:41)
5. Monk's Mood (T. S. Monk) (8:01)
6. Señor Blues (H. Silver) (11:03)

Allen Houser (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Bob Balthis (valve trombone)
Chris Bacas (saxophone)
Bob Butta (piano)
Steve Bernstein (bass)
Bob Willis Jones (drums)

Recorded live at the ledgendary One Step Down Jazz Club, Washington D.C.
Release Date: July 06, 2004.

SoniCapture Mobile Recording/Straight Ahead Recordings ARS005


wouter said...

thank you for the 2 allen houser albums, Brian! new to me, so i'm curious...

francisco santos said...

what a serie of albums!...simply amazing...

AmyBRAINS said...

New & Nice to me.
Nice Band. Thanks a lot, brian.