May 14, 2016

Jimmie Lunceford And His Orchestra - Live Sessions 1944-1945

A1. Little John (J. Lunceford) (2:37)
A2. Song Of The Islands (C. E. King) (3:06)
A3. Minor Riff (J. Lunceford) (2:44)
A4. Body And Soul (J. Green - F. Eyton - E. Heyman - R. Sour) (6:30)
A5. Mandy (I. Berlin) (4:04)
A6. For Dancers Only (S. Oliver - D. Raye - V. Schoen) (2:29)
B1. Intro & Jeep Rhythm (S. Oliver - D. Raye - V. Schoen) (4:10)
B2. Blues In The Night (H. Arlen - J. Mercer) (5:22)
B3. What To Do (S. Oliver - T. Young) (2:53)
B4. Are You Kidding Baby (S. Oliver - C. Atkinson) (2:56)
B5. Meditation From Thais (traditional) (4:52)
B6. Honeydripper (J. Liggins) (2:38)
B7. For Dancers Only (S. Oliver - D. Raye - V. Schoen) (2:29)

Side A recorded in 1944.
Side B recorded in 1945.

Jazz Anthology ‎30 JA 5200


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this rarity. Per, side 1 comes from Jubilee broadcasts in May, June and August 1945 from Hollywood, and side 2 is a Spotlight Bands broadcast from Missouri on November 23, 1945.

rowgatien said...

Thanks brian for this!.

lucky5 said...

Thanks a lot, Brian!

brian said...

thanks1 for the input!