May 7, 2016

Various Artists - Jazzbühne Berlin '81

A1. Paula (C. Spendel) (6:46)
Christoph Spendel Duo
Vibraphone – Wolfgang Schlüter
Piano – Christoph Spendel

A2. Round About Midnight (T. Monk) (7:04)
Enrico Rava Quartett
Trumpet – Enrico Rava
Piano – Franco D'Andrea
Bass – Furio Di Castri
Drums – Aldo Romano

A3. Chain (T. Janša) (6:45)
Tone Janša Quartett
Saxophone [Soprano] – Tone Janša
Piano [Electric] – Dejan Pečenko
Bass – Bernd Dieterich
Drums – Gerhard Wennemuth

B1. Green Dolphin Street (B. Kaper - N. Washington) (5:25)
Martial Solal Solo
Piano – Martial Solal

B2. That Came Down On Me (G. Hampel) (8:05)
Gunter Hampel Duo
Vibraphone – Gunter Hampel
Vocal – Jeanne Lee

B3. Cho-Cho (traditional; arr. A. Sakata) (8:30)
Akira Skata Trio
Alto Saxophone – Akira Sakata
Bass – Hiroshi Yoshino
Drums – Nobuo Fuji

Recorded live as radio broadcast for Rundfunk der DDR at the Volksbühne Berlin, 8-10. 5. 1981.

Amiga 8 55 876

P.S.: Does anyone have a list of jazzbuhne discography!...... Please!


Anonymous said...

If you mean east german jazzbühne records by amiga you´ll find them hear: As far as I know they start in 1979 AMIGA ‎– 8 55 749 and ends 1989 AMIGA ‎– 8 56 496.

Keep on and thank you! C.

Anonymous said...

thanks again brian!
(and thanks to C. for the link above)
there is a book, too: Matthias Brüll 'Jazz auf AMIGA' (PRO BUSINESS, 2003)
(don't know about it's discographic 'significance')
my favorite Jazzbühne-Album is Fujikawa's EastAsia Orch

may I kindly ask you to reup the two Hampel-LPs from 12/2014?

I hope you catched some fish,

upkerry14 said...