September 26, 2016

Gruppe Synopsis - Synopsis

1. Quartett-Diskurs (U. Gumpert) (6:30)
2. Traumtänzer (C. Bauer) (6:23)
3. Post Aus Vogelsang (E-L. Petrowsky) (6:26)
4. Kommt, Ihr G´Spielen (traditional) (6:41)
5. Holzland (Gruppe Synopsis) (4:04)
6. Wenn Der Kleine Finger Nicht Wär (G. Sommer) (7:28)

Conrad Bauer (trombone)
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (saxophone, flute)
Ulrich Gumpert (piano)
Günter Sommer (drums, percussion)

Recorded at AMIGA-Studio, Berlin, 22-23. 4. 1974.

AMIGA 8 55 395; Edel : Content 0208048CTT


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Excellent, Brian. Thank you.

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caramba! this is wonderful, thank you so much, brian!


upkerry14 said...

Nice one, thanks. Always liked his playing. Cheers!

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a great group, thanks.

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Thanks a lot for sharing this rarity, brian - cheers!

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I know all the players but I don't think I've come across them as a 'group' before. I look forward to this. Many thanks.