October 27, 2016

Juhani Aaltonen & Otto Donner ‎- Strings

1. Och Tusen, Tusen Stråla Ock... (O. Donner) (7:25)
2. Saxballad (O. Donner) (4:33)
3. Niin Vähän On Aikaa (O. Donner) (5:49)
4. Knut Bossa Nova (O. Donner) (5:07)
5. Och Det Går, Det Går (O. Donner) (9:23)
6. My Next And Only Love (O. Donner) (7:00)

Seppo Peltola (trombone 1, 3)
Juhani Aaltonen (tenor saxophone, flute, alto flute)
Rune Gustavsson (guitar 4)
Esko Linnavalli (electric piano)
Ilkka Willman (bass)
Esko Rosnell (drums)
Sabu Martinez (congas 1-5)
Tapani Ikonen (percussion 1-5)
Jorma Ylönen (strings 1, 2, 5, 6)
Anders Dahl (strings 3, 4)
Otto Donner (composer, arranger)

Recorded at Finnlevy Studios, Helsinki, January 1976.

Love Records LRLP 160; Svart Records SVR426; Love Records LRCD 160



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wow back at you Brian,a rare Aaltonen album on Love one would be crazy not to bite... Aaltonen is special ... many thanks , much appreciated!

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Fantastic album! Great label! Thanks Brian
Do you have the next album "Songbird" in the stunning label Leo Records?

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I was convinced that I have this album, but I can not find it. It looks like he got legs :). Ovo je jako fini LP. Thanks brian.

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PS: A sentence in Croatian I hope that is correct. Google translator is never very accurate.

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The link to the scans is part.3 of the music again.
Can you please give a link for the scans, Brian ???

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