November 10, 2016

Various Artists - Tub Jug Washboard Bands 1924-1932

A1. Tub Jug Washboard Band - Tub Jug Rag
A2. Tub Jug Washboard Band - San
A3. Whistler & His Jug Band - Chicago Flip
A4. Whistler & His Jug Band - Jerry O'Mine
A5. George Chicken Wilson - Chicken Wilson Blues
A6. George Chicken Wilson - House Snake Blues
A7. Cincinnati Jug Band - Newport Blues
A8. Cincinnati Jug Band - George Street Stomp
B1. Bob Coleman - Tear It Down
B2. Bob Coleman - Cincinnati Underworld Woman
B3. Guy Lumpkin - Decatur Street Drag
B4. Eddie Mapp - Riding The Blinds
B5. Walter Taylor & The Washboard Trio - Thirty Eight And Plus
B6. Walter Taylor & The Washboard Trio - Diamond Ring Blues
B7. Picaninny Jug Band - You Got To Have That Thing
B8. Picaninny Jug Band - Bottle It Up And Go

Golden Jazz 93.522; Riverside Classic Jazz Masters Serie 8802; Riverside RLP 8802

November 9, 2016

Scott Joplin - Ragtime Pioneer 1899-1914

A1. Original Rags (1899) (3:00)
A2. Maple Leaf Rag (1899) (3:02)
A3. Sunflower Slow Drag (1901) (3:05)
A4. The Entertainer (1902) (3:04)
A5. Something Doing (1903) (2:44)
A6. Weeping Willow Rag (1903) (3:04)
A7. The Cascades (1904) (2:12)
B1. Fig Leaf Rag (1908) (3:48)
B2. Pineapple Rag (1908) (4:55)
B3. Euphonic Sounds (1909) (2:52)
B4. Stoptime Rag (1910) (2:35)
B5. Scott Joplin's New Rag (1912) (2:47)
B6. Magnetic Rag (1914) (2:5)

Released in France in 1974, part of the Pierre Cardin Golden Jazz collection.

Les Disques Pierre Cardin 93.511

Various Artists - Piano Blues

1. Bert Mays - Midnight Rambler's Blues
2. Bert Mays - Oh-Oh Blues
3. Barrel House Welch - Larceny Woman Blues
4. Barrel House Welch - Dying Pickpocket Blues
5. Rudy Foster - Black Gal Makes Thunder
6. Rudy Foster - Corn Trimmer Blues
7. Jack O'Diamonds - The Ducks Yas Yas
8. James Robinson - Humming Blues
9. Louise Johnson - On The Wall
10. Louise Johnson - By The Wall And Stars
11. Little Brother Montgomery - No Special Rider Blues
12. Little Brother Montgomery - Vicksburg Blues
13. Jabo Williams - Polock Blues
14. Jabo Williams - Fat Mama Blues
15. Turner Parish - Graveyard Blues
16. Turner Parish - Ain't Gonna Be Your Dog No More

Golden Jazz 93.518; Riverside RLP8809

Various Artists - New York Jazz Scene 1917-1920

A1. Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band – Jazzbo Jazz
A2. Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band – Jazz De Luxe
A3. Frisco Jass Band – Johnson Jass Blues
A4. Frisco Jass Band – Umbrella's To Mend
A5. Louisiana Five – Footwarmer
A6. Louisiana Five – B-Harp-E
B1. Lopez & Hamilton's Kings Of Harmony Orchestra – Bluin' The Blues
B2. Lopez & Hamilton's Kings Of Harmony Orchestra – Peggy
B3. Louisiana Five – Clarinet Squawk
B4. Louisiana Five – Yelping Hound Blues
B5. Lopez & Hamilton's Kings Of Harmony Orchestra – Patches
B6. Lopez & Hamilton's Kings Of Harmony Orchestra – Bo Lo Bo

Golden Jazz 93.519; Riverside RLP 8801

November 8, 2016

Various ‎Artists - New Orleans Boys 1918-1927

A1 Original New Orleans Jazz Band – Ja-da Medley
A2 Original New Orleans Jazz Band – He's Had No Lovin' For A Long Long Time
A3 Husk O'Hare Super Orchestra Of Chicago – Boo Hoo Hoo
A4 Husk O'Hare Super Orchestra Of Chicago – Tiger Rag
A5 Husk O'Hare Super Orchestra Of Chicago – San
A6 Al Siegel's Orchestra – Sooke Hey Hey
A7 Al Siegel's Orchestra – Blue Grass Blues
A8 Naylor's Seven Aces – Mom-ma
B1 Naylor's Seven Aces – High Society
B2 Naylor's Seven Aces – Ringleberg Blues
B3 Naylor's Seven Aces – 31st Street Blues
B4 Naylor's Seven Aces – Ain't That Hateful?
B5 Naylor's Seven Aces – So I Took The Fifty Thousand Dollars
B6 Gowan's Rhapsody Makers – I'll Fly To Hawai
B7 Gowan's Rhapsody Makers – Sunny Hawai
B8 Gowan's Rhapsody Makers – I'm Looking Over A Four-Leave Clover

Riverside Records ‎ 8818

Roosevelt Sykes - Mr. Sykes Blues 1929-1932

A1. Roosevelt Sykes - Fire Detective Blues
A2. Roosevelt Sykes - Single Tree Blues
A3. Edith Johnson - Good Chib Blues
A4. Edith Johnson - Can't Make Another Day
A5. Charlie McFadden - People People Blues
A6. Charlie McFadden - Groceries On The Shelf
A7. Dobby Bragg - 3-6 And 9 (Three, Six And Nine)
A8. Dobby Bragg - We Can Sell That Thing
B1. Mary Johnson - Rattlesnake Blues
B2. Mary Johnson - Mary Johnson Blues
B3. Jimmy Oden - I Have Made Up My Mind
B4. Jimmy Oden - Sitting Down Thinking Blues
B5. Matthew McLure - Prisoner's Blues
B6. Roosevelt Sykes - Mr. Sykes Blues
B7. Roosevelt Sykes - Highway 61 Blues
B8. Eithel Smith - Jelly Roll Mill

A1-4 recorded September 7, 1929 - Richmond, Ind.
A5&6 recorded February 1930 - Grafton, Wis.
A7&8 recorded August 1930 - Grafton, Wis.
B1-8 recorded September 22, 1932 - Richmond, Ind.
A1&2 attributed to "Roosevelt Sykes (under pseudonym Dobby Bragg)", while the Dobby Bragg on A7&8 "may be Roosevelt Sykes, but sounds more like Wesley Wallace".
A2 features someone who is "probably Edith Johnson, talking".

Golden Jazz 93.514; Riverside Records RLP 8819; Mercury 6332 992

November 7, 2016

Love Austin & Her Blues Serenaders 1924-1926

1. Steppin' On The Blues (2:31)
2. Travelin' Blues (2:40)
3. Charleston Mad (2:38)
4. Charleston, South Carolina (2:46)
5. Heebie Jeebies (2:54)
6. Peepin' Blues (2:47)
7. Mojo Blues (3:06)
8. Don't Shake It No More (2:39)
9. Rampart Street Blues (2:57)
10. Too Sweet For Words (2:54)
11. Jackass Blues (3:07)
12. Frog Tongue Stomp (2:37)
13. Chicago Mess Around (3:06)
14. Galion Stomp (3:10)
15. In the Alley Blues (2:59)
16. Merry Makers' Twine (2:57)

Louis Armstrong - Louis Armstrong in New York 1924-1925

1. Everybody Loves My Baby (2:47)
2. Texas Moaner Blues (3:08)
3. Of All The Wrongs You've Done To Me (2:52)
4. Terrible Blues (2:53)
5. Santa Claus Blues (2:49)
6. Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning (2:55)
7. Early Every Morn (3:01)
8. Cake Walking Babies From Home (3:30)
9. You've Got To Beat Me To Keep Me (3:06)
10. Mining Camp Blues (3:04)
11. The World's Jazz Crazy And So Am I (3:05)
12. Railroad Blues (3:02)
13. You Dirty Mistreater (2:52)
14. Come On Coot And Do That Thing (2:57)
15. Have Your Chill, I'll Be Rere When Your Fever Rises (2:54)
16. Find Me At The Greasy Spoon (3:08)

Golden Jazz 93.506

King Oliver And His Creole Jazz Band 1923 Featuring Louis Armstrong & Johnny Dodds

A1. Just Gone
A2. Canal Street Blues
A3. Mandy Lee Blues
A4. I'm Going Away To Wear You Off My Mind
A5. Chimes Blues
A6. Weather Bird Rag
A7. Dippermouth Blues
A8. Mabel's Dream (take 1)
A9. Mabel's Dream (take 2)
B1. Froggie Moore
B2. Snake Rag
B3. Southern Stomp (take 1)
B4. Southern Stomp (take 2)
B5. Riverside Blues
B6. Alligator Hop
B7. Krooked Blues
B8. Working Man's Blues
B9. Zulu's Ball

November 6, 2016

Various Artists - Honky Tonk Train

A1. Cow Cow Davenport – Chimes Blues
A2. Meade Lux Lewis – Honky Tonk Train Blues
A3. Will Ezell – Barrel House Woman
A4. Henry Brown – Henry Brown Blues
A5. Charles Avery – Dearborn St. Breakdown
A6. Blind Leroy Garnett – Chain'Em Down
A7. Wesley Wallace – No. 29
A8. Jabo Williams – Jab Blues
B1. Will Ezell – Heifer Dust
B2. Cow Cow Davenport – Slow Drag
B3. Cow Cow Davenport – Atlanta Rag
B4. Blind Leroy Garnett – Louisiana Glide
B5. Henry Brown – Deep Morgan Blues
B6. Henry Brown – Eastern Chimes Blues
B7. Wesley Wallace – Fanny Lee Blues
B8. Jabo Williams – Pratt City Blues

Golden Jazz 93.509; BASF 10 29846-9

Gertrude Ma Rainey - Mother Of The Blues, Volume 1

A1. Bad Luck Blues
A2. Bo-Weavil Blues
A3. Barrel House Blues
A4. Those All Night Long Blues
A5. Moonshine Blues
A6. Lost Minute Blues
A7. Southern Blues
A8. Walking Blues
B1. Lost Wandering Blues
B2. Dream Blues
B3. Honey, Where You Been So Long?
B4. Ya Da Do
B5. Those Dogs Of Mine
B6. Lucky Rock Blues
B7. South Bound Blues
B8. Lawd, Send Me A Man Blues

Golden Jazz 93.516; Riverside Records RM 8807; SFP (Société Française De Productions Phonographiques) SFP 5508

Various Artists - Crescent City Rhythm 1923-1924

A1. New Orleans Rhythm Kings – Sobbin' Blues
A2. New Orleans Rhythm Kings – Marguerite
A3. New Orleans Rhythm Kings – Angry
A4. New Orleans Rhythm Kings – Clarinet Marmalade
A5. New Orleans Rhythm Kings – Mr. Jelly Lord
A6. New Orleans Rhythm Kings – London Blues
A7. New Orleans Rhythm Kings – Milenberg Joys
A8. New Orleans Rhythm Kings – Mad
B1. Original Memphis Melody Boys – There Is No Gal Like My Gal
B2. Original Memphis Melody Boys – Wonderful Dream
B3. Original Memphis Melody Boys – Blue Grass Blues
B4. Original Memphis Melody Boys – Made A Monkey Out Of Me
B5. Midway Garden Orchestra – Black Sheep Blues
B6. Midway Garden Orchestra – Lots O'Mama
B7. Midway Garden Orchestra – Sobbin' Blues
B8. New Orleans Jazz Band – It Had To Be You

Golden Jazz 93.510; Riverside Records (Classic Jazz Masters) 8812

November 5, 2016

Georgia Tom Dorsey - Georgia Tom & Friends

A1. Selling That Stuff
A2. Beedle Um Bum
A3. Broke Man's Blues
A4. Pig Meat Blues
A5. Second-Hand Woman Blues
A6. Maybe It's The Blues
A7. Levee Bound Blues
A8. Get But It's Hard
B1. Terrible Operation Blues
B2. Where Did You Stay Last Night?
B3. Fix It
B4. Double Trouble Blues
B5. Leave My Man Alone
B6. Hip Shakin' Strut
B7. Been Mistreated Blues
B8. Come On In (Ain't Nobody Here But Me)
B9. Georgia Tom Speaks

Composed By – T. Dorsey
Guitar – Big Bill Broonzy, Scrapper Blackwell, Tampa Red
Piano – Georgia Tom
Vocals – Georgia Tom, Jane Lucas

Les Disques Pierre Cardin ‎93.520; Riverside Records ‎RM 8803

Clarence Williams Orchestra, Volume 1 - 1927-1928

1. Shootin' the pistol
2. Bottomland
3. Shake 'em up
4. Jingles
5. Long deep & wide
6. Speakeasy blues
7. Squeeze me
8. New down home blues
9. Wild flower rag
10. Midnight stomp
11. I'm through goodbye
12. Bozo
13. Bimbo
14. Longshoreman's blues
15. Beau Koo Jack
16. I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate

Golden Jazz 93.515; Riverside RLP 8820

Blind Blake - Blind Blake Blues In Chicago

A1. West Coast Blues (Blake)
A2. Early Morning Blues (Blake)
A3. Down The Country (Wilson)
A4. Black Biting Bee Blues (Bessie Smith)
A5. One Time Blues (Blake)
A6. Dry Bone Shuffle (Blake)
A7. Doggin' Me Mama Blues (Blake)
A8. Goodbye Mama Moan (Blake)
B1. Lead Hearted Blues (Blake)
B2. Let Your Love Come Down (Blake)
B3. Fightin' The Jug (Blake)
B4. Hastings Street (Spand)
B5. Too Tight Blues No. 2 (Blake)
B6. Georgia Bound (Palmer - Blake)
B7. Rope Stretchin' Blues, Part 1 (Lamcore)
B8. Rope Stretchin' Blues, Part 2 (Lamcore)

Acoustic Guitar – Blind Blake
Vocals – Bertha Henderson (tracks: B1, B2), Blind Blake (tracks: A1, A2, A5 to A8, B3 to B8), Leola B. Wilson (tracks: A3, A4)

Golden Jazz 93.521; Mercury 6332 984

November 1, 2016

Myron Walden - Like a Flower Seeking the Sun

1. Like a Flower Seeking the Sun (M. Walden) (5:51)
2. As Night Falls (M. Walden) (7:28)
3. From This Moment On (M. Walden) (5:17)
4. Tears of the Fallen One (M. Walden) (3:48)
5. E Minor Untitled (M. Walden) (7:10)
6. Like a Flower Seeking the Sun (M. Walden) (4:36)
7. Momentum (M. Walden) (7:01)
8. A Long Road Ahead (M. Walden) (4:11)
9. Path of the Sun (M. Walden) (7:04)
10. Pulse (M. Walden) (8:12)
11. Like a Flower Seeking the Sun (M. Walden) (3:48)

Myron Waldon (alto saxophone, arrager)
Kurt Rosenwinkle (guitar)
Dwayne Burno (bass)
Eric McPherson (drums)

Recorded at Avatar Studios, New York City, February 16, 1998.

NYC Records NYC 6032-2