November 5, 2016

Georgia Tom Dorsey - Georgia Tom & Friends

A1. Selling That Stuff
A2. Beedle Um Bum
A3. Broke Man's Blues
A4. Pig Meat Blues
A5. Second-Hand Woman Blues
A6. Maybe It's The Blues
A7. Levee Bound Blues
A8. Get But It's Hard
B1. Terrible Operation Blues
B2. Where Did You Stay Last Night?
B3. Fix It
B4. Double Trouble Blues
B5. Leave My Man Alone
B6. Hip Shakin' Strut
B7. Been Mistreated Blues
B8. Come On In (Ain't Nobody Here But Me)
B9. Georgia Tom Speaks

Composed By – T. Dorsey
Guitar – Big Bill Broonzy, Scrapper Blackwell, Tampa Red
Piano – Georgia Tom
Vocals – Georgia Tom, Jane Lucas

Les Disques Pierre Cardin ‎93.520; Riverside Records ‎RM 8803


Anonymous said...

Many thanks, brian!

ndhjazz said...

Never heard of Georgia Tom. Thank you for sharing!