November 8, 2016

Roosevelt Sykes - Mr. Sykes Blues 1929-1932

A1. Roosevelt Sykes - Fire Detective Blues
A2. Roosevelt Sykes - Single Tree Blues
A3. Edith Johnson - Good Chib Blues
A4. Edith Johnson - Can't Make Another Day
A5. Charlie McFadden - People People Blues
A6. Charlie McFadden - Groceries On The Shelf
A7. Dobby Bragg - 3-6 And 9 (Three, Six And Nine)
A8. Dobby Bragg - We Can Sell That Thing
B1. Mary Johnson - Rattlesnake Blues
B2. Mary Johnson - Mary Johnson Blues
B3. Jimmy Oden - I Have Made Up My Mind
B4. Jimmy Oden - Sitting Down Thinking Blues
B5. Matthew McLure - Prisoner's Blues
B6. Roosevelt Sykes - Mr. Sykes Blues
B7. Roosevelt Sykes - Highway 61 Blues
B8. Eithel Smith - Jelly Roll Mill

A1-4 recorded September 7, 1929 - Richmond, Ind.
A5&6 recorded February 1930 - Grafton, Wis.
A7&8 recorded August 1930 - Grafton, Wis.
B1-8 recorded September 22, 1932 - Richmond, Ind.
A1&2 attributed to "Roosevelt Sykes (under pseudonym Dobby Bragg)", while the Dobby Bragg on A7&8 "may be Roosevelt Sykes, but sounds more like Wesley Wallace".
A2 features someone who is "probably Edith Johnson, talking".

Golden Jazz 93.514; Riverside Records RLP 8819; Mercury 6332 992

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