December 6, 2016

Justin Robinson - In the Spur of the Moment

1. In the Spur of the Moment (S. Scott) (4:19)
2. Father (R. Hargrove) (5:39)
3. You Don't Know What Love Is (G. DePaul - D. Raye) (7:48)
4. Nusia's Poem (G. Bartz) (6:18)
5. N.A.C. (R. Kendrick) (5:23)
6. Light Blue (T. Monk) (3:49)
7. Like Sonny (J. Coltrane) (4:54)
8. An Affair to Remember (H. Warren) (7:30)
9. Cool Blues (C. Parker) (3:43)

Roy Hargrove (trumpet 2, 4)
Justin Robinson (alto saxophone)
Larry Willis (piano)
Dwayne Burno (bass)
Willie Jones III (drums, producer)

Recorded at Systems Two Studios, September 29, 2010.

WJ3 Records WJ31011


sandor essedy said...

thank you Brian.

francisco santos said...

good one!...

bhowani bhowani said...

Thank you, Brian ! It's an upgrade for me and the occasion to give a new listening to this title !

Kostas from Piraeus said...

Thank you Brian,
it's easy to reupload:
Rolf Ericson - And His American All Stars.
Thank you very much...