April 2, 2017

Charles Mingus - Town Hall Concert (Charles Mingus at Town Hall) (1962 LP)

1. Clark In The Dark (Freedom, Part 2) (C. Mingus) (2:50)
2. Epitaph, Part 1 (C. Mingus) (6:45)
3. Epitaph, Part 2 (C. Mingus) (3:32)
4. Freedom, Part 1 (C. Mingus) (3:37)
5. My Search (C. Mingus) (8:05)
6. Don't Come Back (Duke's Choice) (C. Mingus) (3:00)
7. Finale (In A Mellotone) (C. Mingus) (7:35)

Ed Armour, Rolf Ericson, Lonnie Hillyer, Ernie Royal, Clark Terry, Richard Williams, Snooky Young (trumpet)
Eddie Bert, Jimmy Cleveland, Willie Dennis, Paul Faulise, Quentin Jackson, Britt Woodman (trombone)
George Berg, Zoot Sims (tenor saxophone)
Buddy Collette, Eric Dolphy, Charlie Mariano, Charles McPherson (alto saxophone)
Pepper Adams, Jerome Richardson (baritone saxophone)
Danny Bank (bass clarinet)
Romeo Penque (oboe)
Warren Smith (vibraphone, percussion)
Les Spann (guitar)
Toshiko Akiyoshi, Jaki Byard (piano)
Milt Hinton (bass)
Charles Mingus (bass, narrator)
Dannie Richmond (drums)
Grady Tate (percussion)

Tracks 1-5 recorded live at the Town Hall, New York City, 1st set, October 12, 1962.
Tracks 6, 7 recorded live at the Town Hall, New York City, 2nd set, October 12, 1962.

United Artists Solid State Series UASS 18 024 K; United Artists UAJ 14024; United Artists UAJS 15024