April 23, 2017

David Marriott, Jr. - Septology: In the Beginning

1. On the First Day (D. Marriott) (7:43)
2. On the Second Day (D. Marriott) (5:43)
3. On the Third Day (D. Marriott) (11:47)
4. On the Fourth Day (D. Marriott) (7:30)
5. On the Fifth Day (D. Marriott) (9:37)
6. On the Sixth Day (D. Marriott) (5:18)
7. On the Seventh Day (free) (D. Marriott) (1:33)

Thomas Marriott (trumpet
David Marriott, Jr. (trombone, composer, arranger)
Mark Taylor (alto, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone)
Robert Davis (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet)
John Hansen (piano)
Geoff Harper (bass)
Jon Wikan (drums)

Recorded at Ironwood Studios, Seattle, Washington, June 6, 1998.

Red Raspus Records

P.S.: See the comment link... and buy this album!


wouter said...

this looks interesting. thank you, Brian!

francisco santos said...


jazzandylan said...

Many thanks Brian!

agmosk said...

Looks pretty cool! Thanks, Brian!

francisco santos said...

this album is amazing, like it a lot...

Anonymous said...

Thnx brian - I first heard the Marriotts many years ago im Port Townsend Jazz Festival. Extremely talented, and as you can see, religious fundamentalists.

anon'n'on said...

know both the Marriotts,thanks

David Marriott, Jr. said...

Well, this happens to be my record, I would kindly ask that you remove it. Despite the comment from anonymous, I am in NO way a religious fundamentalist -- a festival approached me about writing a suite based on something literary for my septet, I submitted a number of ideas, they picked this one.

If you like this album, please consider paying for it at http:/music.redraspus.com.

Much appreciated, Dave Marriott

brian said...

i already buy this album... sorry for inconvenience... but the links are long time dead... so it is done!