May 17, 2017


could someone explain me the best way to buy account!?


Bill said...

Brian I had to buy an account via a third party seller since they don't use payPal. Go to their webpage and look for "resellers". Amazingly cheap.

rev.b said...

They do not make it easy. A 3rd part seller was the only way I could figure it out. Does this mean you won't be using Zippy?

urso89 said...

I pay directly.
Registrate, go to the payment services, select the period you want, click on
"Bank Transfer". You will get a code. Make the bank transfer, using the code as reference. Some days later your account is active.

brian said...

no i'll keep on posting on zippy... but a lot of guys publish in fichier... because i don't want to wait so long between download i'll try fichier!

Bill said...

That's what I did. I bought a lifetime membership for 99E.