March 9, 2018

Duke Ellington ‎- Duke Ellington And The Ellingtonians

A1. Cat Walk
A2. Moonlight Fiesta
A3. Moonlight Fiesta
A4. She
A5. The Happening
A6. Swamp Drums
A7. Sultry Experience
B1. Indian Summer
B2. Britt And Butter Blues
B3. Caravan
B4. Alternate
B5. Hoppin' John
B6. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid
B7. The New Piano Roll Blues
C1. Perdido
C2. Take The A Train
C3. Oscalypso
C4. Blues For Blanton
C5. Things Ain't What They Used To Be
C6. Make No Mistake
C7. In A Blue Summer Garden
D1. Cotton Tail
D2. Flamingo
D3. Bang Up Blues
D4. C Jam Blues
D5. Tonk
D6. Johnny Come Lately
D7. Great Times

Trumpet – Cat Anderson, Red Rodney (tracks: B4 to B6)
Trombone – Juan Tizol (tracks: A1 to B3)
Tenor Saxophone – Paul Gonzalves
Alto Saxophone – Johnny Hodges (tracks: B4 to B6), Willie Smith (2) (tracks: A1 to B3)
Baritone Saxophone – Harry Carney (tracks: B4 to B6)
Organ – Wild Bill Davis (tracks: C1 to C4)
Guitar – John Collins (2) (tracks: C1 to C4)
Piano – Billy Strayhorn (tracks: A1 to B2, B7, C5 to C6), Duke Ellington
Cello – Oscar Pettiford (tracks: B7)
Bass – Joe Shulman (tracks: D1 to D7), Lloyd Trotman (2) (tracks: B7), Wendell Marshall (tracks: A1 to B6, C5 to C6)
Drums – Joe Jones (tracks: B7 to C4), Louis Bellson (tracks: A1 to B6), Max Roach (tracks: B4 to B6)

Notes: This is a double album of offhand Ellingtonians - not Duke's big band, but special sessions recorded for his own label. Some are musical experiments, like the session with bassist Oscar Pettiford, where Pettiford switches to his seldom-heard 'cello, the two sides with Wild Bill Davis, a breakthrough for the organ in small-group jazz, and the Duke-Billy Strayhorn duets, which both pianists clearly got a big kick out of. There are also track of groups outside the Ducal mainstream, free-blowing sessions for musicians like Willie Smith, Paul Gonzalves, Cat Anderson, Jimmy Hamilton, Britt Woodman. Despite their limited size, they sound at times like the full Ellington band. A tasty, varied menu for Ellington fans.

Vogue DP. 19; Vogue ‎400019; Vogue ‎ALBUM 125 S; Marfer ALBUM 125 S; Cetra ‎DPU 63

LP 1
LP 2
LP Scans


Vitko said...

Very interesting album. There are very beautiful surprises here for true enjoyment. Thanks, brian!

roberto t. said...

Beautiful recordings. Among them I found very exciting an early Paul Gonsalves. Many thanks.

Quibus said...

thanks for these gems - including the scans! very much appreciated!

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Thank you!

Ronald Steeds said...

Thanks! You know my feelings about Ellington. There will be lots of sunshine in my world today!

Thomas said...

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