January 24, 2009

Pete Christlieb - Conversations with Warne, Vol. 2

1. No Tag (P. Christlieb - J. Hughart) (7:50)
2. Fishtale (P. Christlieb - J. Hughart) (5:34)
3. So What's Old (P. Christlieb - J. Hughart) (6:25)
4. You Drive! (P. Christlieb - J. Hughart) (8:14)
5. Nate And Dave (P. Christlieb - J. Hughart) (6:12)
6. Lunch (P. Christlieb - J. Hughart) (8:12)
7. Woody And You (P. Christlieb - J. Hughart) (6:06)
8. Bess, You Is My Man (P. Christlieb - J. Hughart) (6:53)
9. The April Samba (P. Christlieb - J. Hughart) (5:15)

Pete Christlieb, Warne Marsh (tenor saxophone)
Jim Hughart (bass)
Nick Ceroli (drums)

Recorded in Los Angeles, 15. 9. 1978.

Criss Cross 1103

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4


moha said...

I had to wait almost a day for part 2 - perhaps some server problems - but now I'm just listening to So What's Old thank You!

neil said...

I, too, am experienced long download times (4 hours) in downloading individual sections of part 2.
But thank you for part one!

petruccelli said...

part1 and part3 from are from very fast mediafire server ~500 kb/sec.
but part2 and part4 are very slow ~5 KB/sec. . i broke off many times in the last week because waiting time 4 hours

Martin said...

Thank you for the Chrstlieb posts. I couldn't download parts 2 and 4 of Vol.2. I have a good connection but it's cut off after 10 or 15 mb are downloaded. Perhaps someone could reup these parts in rapidshare or other good server? Thanks a lot and regards.

guairao said...

I don't have problems with mediafire (here in Chile). I'm knocked out by Pete Christlieb and Warne...Thanks again Brian for your generosity.

musician3 said...

What A Wonderful Album.....Thank You

Anonymous said...

I will see if there is some problems with this file here in Rio de Janeiro,anyway,thank you for your effort.

Anonymous said...

Hi -

I was able to download parts 2, 3, 4, and the scans, but cannot seem to get part 1. Any assistance appreciated.

Thanks for everything.

brian said...

I've tried and it works... try again... or sorry!

Kneigh said...

Thanx very much for this Christlieb post, Brian!! A very underrated tenor sax!! I had no problems down loading or extracting. Sounds great!!

Certifiablockhead said...

live links and a happy day...thank you...