March 23, 2009

Fred Anderson - Birdhouse

1. Birdhouse (F. Anderson) (18:59)
2. Bernice (F. Anderson) (16:11)
3. Like Sonny (F. Anderson) (15:43)
4. Waiting For MC (F. Anderson - H. Drake) (14:08)

Fred Anderson (tenor saxophone)
Jim Baker (piano)
Harrison Bankhead (bass)
Hamid Drake (drums)

Tracks 1-3 recorded at Sparrow Sound Design, Chicago, IL, 20. 2. 1995.
Track 4 recorded at Sparrow Sound Design, Chicago, IL, 7. 4. 1994.

Okka Disk 12007


ABE said...

Thank you for this hard to find CD. Never thought i'd get to hear it!

jiiiiiiiq said...

Brian, thank you so much. You have splendid taste and a terrific blog.

neil said...

New to me, but there's a great review at:


brian said...

Track 04

guairao said...

I've been searching for this Fred Anderson for a long time. Thanks Brian.

jazztap said...


jazztap said...


Anonymous said...

The links are dead. Please could you re-upload them?

That would be very nice, because i can't find it anywhere.