July 30, 2009

Cy Touff & Sandy Mosse - Tickle Toe

1. Tickle Toe (L. Young) (8:06)
2. Centerpiece (H. S. Edison - J. Hendricks) (10:15)
3. The Man I Love (G. Gershwin - I. Gershwin) (11:34)
4. Allen's Alley (D. Best) (6:35)
5. Alone Together (A. Schwartz - H. Dietz) (13:06)
6. Secret Love (S. Fain - P. F. Webster) (10:55)
7. What's New? (B. Haggart - J. Burke) (7:36)

Cy Touff (bass trumpet)
Sandy Mosse (tenor saxophone)
John Campbell (piano)
Kelly Sill (bass)
Jerry Coleman (drums)

Recorded at Universal Studio, Chicago, 24. 10. 1981.

Delmark 583



sasha said...

Hey Brian..Sorry for the false alarm!! Mediafire seems to be processing the files fine now..Many thanks for this and all your fine posts.

musician3 said...

Great Album......Thank You

BlueNote97 said...

¿Puedo escuchar un poco de su música? Gracias.
¿Could I please listen to some music? Thanks anyway.

Post Scriptum: Me gusta Cy Touff/I like Cy Touff's music.

BlueNote97 said...

This old charm..., I love it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

BlueNote97 said...

Wonderful and elegant music, the arrangements trumpet-sax are a truly jewel. I enjoyed a lot. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you brian,wonderful post !

jazzlover said...

Dear Brian,there are a mistake in this album in the track number two
" 2 Keester Parade " instead "Centerpiece" cames in the mediafire file.
This Cy Touf & Sandy Mosse work is just fantastic but, need to be corrected.
Thank you for your effort.

jazztap said...


grumpy said...

Wow! I'm so pleased to find this here, over 5 years on with working mediafire links!

Many thanks Brian.

danair said...

Missed this Brian thanks for keeping the links live.