April 14, 2014

Oliver Nelson ‎- Leonard Feather Presents The Sound Of Feeling And The Sound Of Oliver Nelson

The Sound Of Feeling
A1. My Favorite Things (R. Rodgers - O. Hammerstein II) (3:24)
A2. Waltz Without Words (G. David) (4:09)
A3. Who Knows What Love Is? (G. David) (4:25)
A4. Phrases (A. Andrece - R. Andrece) (3:40)
A5. Circe Revisited (G. David - B. Fylling) (5:56)
Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia Of Jazz All Stars
B1. Ricardo's Dilemma (R. Ayers) (2:33)
B2. Patterns For Orchestra (O. Nelson) (3:07)
B3. Sidewalks Of New York (C. B. Lawlor - J. W. Blake) (6:27)
B4. Greensleves (traditional) (2:26)

Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia of Jazz All Stars
Arranged and Conducted by Oliver Nelson
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: November 3, 1966
Ernie Royal, Burt Collins, Joe Newman, Joe Wilder, Clark Terry, Snooky Young (tp, flhrn); J.J. Johnson, Jimmy Cleveland (tb); Bob Brookmeyer (v-tb); Tony Studd (b-tb); Phil Woods (as, cl); Jerry Dodgion (as, cl, f); Zoot Sims (ts); Jerome Richardson (ts, ss, f); Danny Bank (bs); Al Dailey (p); Eric Gale (g); Ron Carter (b); Grady Tate (d); Phil Kraus (mallets, perc); Oliver Nelson (arr, cond).
a. (101574) Ricardo's Dilemma (Roy Ayers) - 2:35
b. (101576) Patterns for Orchestra (based on Example 79 from Patterns For Saxophone) (Oliver Nelson) - 3:12

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: November 4, 1966
Ernie Royal, Joe Newman, Joe Wilder, Clark Terry, Snooky Young (tp, flhrn); Nat Adderley (cnt); J.J. Johnson, Jimmy Cleveland (tb); Bob Brookmeyer (v-tb); Tony Studd (b-tb); Phil Woods (as, cl); Jerry Dodgion (as, cl, f); Zoot Sims (ts); Jerome Richardson (ts, ss, f); Danny Bank (bs); Hank Jones (p); Eric Gale (g); Ron Carter (b); Grady Tate (d); Bobby Rosengarden (mallets, perc); Oliver Nelson (arr, cond).
c. (101578) Twelve Tone Blues (aka Patterns for Orchestra) (Oliver Nelson) - 3:13
d. (101579) The Sidewalks of New York (aka East Side, West Side) (Charles B. Lawlor/James W. Blake) - 5:45 (6:28)
e. (101580) Greensleeves (traditional) - 2:27

Los Angeles: December 11, 1967
Oliver Nelson (ss); Gary David (p,vcl); Ray Neapolitan, Chuck Domanico (b); Dick Wilson (d); Alyce Andrece, Rhae Andrece (vcl).
f. (L592) My Favorite Things (Hammerstein II/Rodgers) - 3:22
g. (L593) Who Knows What Love Is (Gary David) - 4:23  
h. (L594) Waltz Without Words (Gary David) - 4:07
i. (L595) Phrases (Alyce Andrece/Rhae Andrece) - 3:38

same, except Gary David (marxophone). Oliver Nelson out.
j. (L596) Circe Revisited  (Gary David/Bob Fylling) - 5:55

Note: (1) Leonard Feather's Verve V6-8743 liner notes indicate titles on side two of this release ("Ricardo's Dilemma," "Twelve Tone Blues [Patterns for Orchestra]," "Sidewalks of New York" and "Greensleeves") make up Volume 2 in the "Encyclopedia of Jazz in the Sixties" series - which was never issued. (2) "Patterns for Orchestra" [mx. 101576] was to be issued on V6-8743, but "Twelve Tone Blues" was accidentally used in its place and mistakenly titled as the former.

Issues: a & c-j on Verve V/V6-8743.
Singles: f & g also on Verve VK-10616 [45].
Samplers: a-e also on Mosaic MD6-233 [CD] titled OLIVER NELSON: THE ARGO, VERVE AND IMPULSE BIG BAND STUDIO SESSIONS. a, b, d & e also on also on Verve 314 527 564-2 [CD] titled VERVE JAZZ MASTERS 48: OLIVER NELSON. e also on Verve (E) 2352099 titled A BIG BAND SPECTACULAR. f also on EmArcy (Eu) 0602527153773 [CD] titled NICOLA CONTE PRESENTS SPIRITUAL SWINGERS. f-j also on Sunbeam (E) SBRCD5045 [CD] titled UP INTO SILENCE (as by The Sound Of Feeling).
Producer: Creed Taylor (a-e). Jesse Kaye (f-j).
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder (a-e). Dave Wiechman (f-j).
Notes: Leonard Feather (Verve V/V6-8743). Bill Kirchner (Verve 314 527 564-2).

Verve Records ‎V6-8743



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