November 28, 2017

Stan Kenton - City of Glass: Stan Kenton Plays Bob Graettinger (mp3)

1. Thermopylae (B. Graettinger) (2:53)
2. Everything Happens to Me (M. Dennis - T. Adair) (2:59)
3. Incident in Jazz (B. Graettinger) (3:26)
4. House of Strings (B. Graettinger) (4:15)
5. A Horn (B. Graettinger) (4:04)
6. City of Glass, First Movement, Pt. 1: Entrance into the City (B. Graettinger) (4:30)
7. City of Glass, First Movement, Pt. 2: The Structures (B. Graettinger) (3:46)
8. City of Glass, Second Movement: Dance Before the Mirror (B. Graettinger) (4:22)
9. City of Glass, Third Movement: Reflections (B. Graettinger) (3:53)
10. Modern Opus (B. Graettinger) (3:14)
11. A Cello (B. Graettinger) (4:59)
12. You Go to My Head (J. F. Coots - J. H. Gillespie) (3:20)
13. A Trumpet (B. Graettinger) (4:46)
14. An Orchestra (B. Graettinger) (4:03)
15. A Thought (B. Graettinger) (4:52)
16. Some Saxophones (B. Graettinger) (3:13)

Recording Date: Dec 6, 1947-May 28, 1953

Capitol 32084; Capitol H-353

music (520 mp3) & scans


zoot said...

many thanks brian

sotise said...

Brian let me know if you need lossless of this stunning disc!

brian said...

you could put it on big band blog!

Anonymous said...

Very nice thanks. But the scans belong to Nicole Mitchell's Ice Cristal album and not S.Kenton :-)

Anonymous said...

The correct scans are included in your file ... so you may delet the zip scans if you want. Again thanks for the download