December 13, 2017

Various ‎Artists - Spirituals To Swing: Carnegie Hall Concerts 1938/39 (II)

A1. Stomping At The Savoy (Benny Goodman Sextet) (3:18)
A2. Honeysuckle Rose (Benny Goodman Sextet) (3:54)
A3. Gospel Train (The Golden Gate Quartet) (2:09)
A4. I'm On My Way (The Golden Gate Quartet) (2:58)
A5. Four Day Creep (Ida Cox) (3:26)
A6. Lady Be Good (Various Artists' Carnegie Hall Jam Session 1938) (9:35)
B1. Mountain Blues (Sonny Terry) (3:10)
B2. New John Henry (Sonny Terry with Bull City Red) (3:36)
B3. It's All Right Baby (Joe Turner with Pete Johnson) (2:38)
B4. Cavalcade Of Boogie (Pete Johnson, Meade Lux Lewis, Albert Ammons with Walter Page, Jo Jones) (2:59)
B5. Done Got Wise (Big Bill Broonzy with Albert Ammons, Walter Page, Jo Jones) (2:31)
B6. Louise, Louise (Big Bill Broonzy with Albert Ammons, Walter Page, Jo Jones) (2:57)
B7. What More Can My Jesus Do (Mitchell's Christian Singers) (2:15)
B8. My Mother Died A-Shoutin' (Mitchell's Christian Singers) (2:17)
B9. Pagin' The Devil (Kansas City Six) (3:49)

Baritone Vocals – Louis Davis (tracks: B7, B8)
Bass – Arthur Bernstein (tracks: A1, A2, A6), Walter Page (tracks: A5, B4 to B6, B9)
Bass Vocals – Sam Bryant (tracks: B7, B8)
Bass Vocals [1st Bass] – Willie Johnson (tracks: A3, A4)
Bass Vocals [2nd Bass] – Arlandus Wilson (tracks: A3, A4)
Clarinet – Benny Goodman (tracks: A1, A2, A6)
Design [Gestaltung] – Christoph Ehbets
Drums – Jo Jones (tracks: A5, B4 to B6, B9), Nick Fatool (tracks: A1, A2, A6)
Guitar – Charlie Christian (tracks: A1, A2, A6, B9), Freddie Green (tracks: A5, B9)
Harmonica, Vocals – Sonny Terry (tracks: B1, B2)
Liner Notes [1980] – Werner Sellhorn
Piano – Albert Ammons (tracks: A6, B4 to B6), Count Basie (tracks: A6), Fletcher Henderson (tracks: A1, A2, A6), James Price Johnson (tracks: A5), Meade Lux Lewis (tracks: A6, B4), Pete Johnson (tracks: A6, B3, B4)
Saxophone [Tenor] – Lester Young (tracks: A5, A6, B9)
Tenor Vocals [1st Tenor] – Henry Owens (tracks: A3, A4), William Brown (3) (tracks: B7, B8)
Tenor Vocals [2nd Tenor] – Julius Davis (tracks: B7, B8), William Langford (tracks: A3, A4)
Trombone – Dickie Wells (tracks: A5)
Trumpet – Buck Clayton (tracks: A5, B9), Harry Edison (tracks: A6)
Vibraphone – Lionel Hampton (tracks: A1, A2, A6)
Vocals – Joe Turner (tracks: B3), Ida Cox (tracks: A5)
Vocals, Guitar – Big Bill Broonzy (tracks: B5, B6)
Washboard – Bull City Red (tracks: B2)

A1 rec. 24.12.1939
A2 rec. 24.12.1939
A3 (Traditional) rec. 24.12.1939 (or 23.12.1938)
A4 (Traditional) rec. 24.12.1939 (or 23.12.1938)
A5 (Cox) rec. 24.12.1939
A6 (Gershwin) rec. 23.12.1938
B1 (Terry) rec. 24.12.1939
B2 (Terry) rec. 24.12.1939
B3 (Turner/Johnson) rec. 24.12.1938
B4 (Lewis/Ammons/Johnson) rec. 23.12.1938
B5 (Broonzy) rec. 23.12.1938
B6 (Broonzy) rec. 23.12.1938
B7 (Traditional) rec. 24.12.1938
B8 (Traditional) rec. 24.12.1938
B9 (Page) rec. 25.12.1938

AMIGA 8 50 061

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