February 23, 2018

Gene Krupa ‎- The Driving Gene Krupa (LP)

A1. Second Helping Blues (C. Shavers) (5:11)
A2. Bloozy Woozy (C. Shavers) (2:39)
A3. Meddle My Minor (C. Shavers) (3:05)
A4. Windy (C. Shavers) (3:48)
The Ballad Medley (11:40)
B1-1. Dancing In The Dark (H. Dietz - A. Schwartz)
B1-2. The Nearness Of You (H. Carmichael - N. Washington)
B1-3. You Are Too Beautiful (R. Rodgers - L. Hart)
B1-4. Tenderly (W. Gross - J. Lawrence)
B1-5. Autumn In New York (V. Duke)
B2. Who's Rythm (C. Shavers) (3:56)

Charlie Shavers (trumpet)
Bill Harris (trombone)
Eddie Lockjaw Davis (tenor saxophone)
Teddy Napoleon or(?) Teddy Wilson (piano)
Ray Brown (bass)
Gene Krupa (drums)

Recorded in New York City, November 12, 1953. or February 2, 1954.

Verve 2332 096; Verve MGV 8107; Verve V3HB 8847; Clef Records ‎MG-C-728; Clef MGC 631; Clef 89119, 89119x45


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Eric said...

Thank you. Gene Krupa is still one of the greatest.