January 22, 2011

Ted Nash - The Mancini Project

1. Theme from Night Visitor (H. Mancini) (5:52)
2. Dreamsville (H. Mancini) (6:29)
3. Something for Nash (H. Mancini) (4:52)
4. Shot in the Dark (H. Mancini) (1:30)
5. Lujon (H. Mancini) (6:26)
6. Breakfast at Tiffany's (H. Mancini) (7:27)
7. Cheryl's Theme (H. Mancini) (3:08)
8. Mr. Yunioshi (H. Mancini) (1:23)
9. Soldier in the Rain (H. Mancini) (4:57)
10. The Party (H. Mancini) (6:25)
11. A Quiet Happening (H. Mancini) (1:35)
12. Two for the Road (H. Mancini) (6:10)
13. Experiment in Terror (H. Mancini) (6:16)
14. Baby Elephant Walk (H. Mancini) (1:41)

Ted Nash (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto flute, piccolo)
Frank Kinbrough (piano)
Rufus Reid (upright bass)
Matt Wilson (drums)

Recorded at Maggie's Farm, Buck's County, PA, 18. & 19. 12. 2007.

Palmetto 21342



wouter said...

thanks a lot for this ted nash album, brian!

unfortunately part 3 is from another post. can you please post the right part 3? thanks!

wightdj said...

I don't know this session, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Is the naming of Part 3 correct?

petruccelli said...

thanks, but part3 is missing. part3 here is from the album before "in the loop"

brian said...

Sorry... the link is corrected!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this!

Mr.Pc said...

i added your blog to our blogwatch.
and please link us at your blog, too as a support.
thanks a lot.

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ita diegues said...

Thank you prettybrian.

Anonymous said...

Moritz: Thank you but link of part 2 & 3 are death :-(

woolfnotes said...

Oh dear, Megaupload is no more. Mediafire & rapidshare seem to be ok. Any chance of uploading it there?

taylordcraig said...

Thanks. Just went to listen to this to discover the folder was magically empty on my desktop! Quick google landed me here. I had a music blog a few years back and started coding a really cool php form for people to share albums. You've inspired me to look into that again. Thanks for the music.