March 5, 2018

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra & Johnny Hodges - Goodyear Jazz Concert & Ellingtonia

1. Take the A Train (B. Strayhorn) (3:04)
2. Satin Doll (D. Ellington - B. Strayhorn - J. Mercer) (3:23)
3. Blow by Blow (D. Ellington) (4:28)
4. V.I.P.'s Boogie / Jam With Sam (D. Ellington) (6:34)
5. Kinda Dukish (D. Ellington) (3:42)
6. Things Ain't What They Used to Be (M. Ellington - T. Persons) (2:46)
7. The Good Years of Jazz (D. Ellington) (1:25)
8. Good Queen Bess (J. Hodges) (3:38)
9. Jeep's Blues (D. Ellington - J. Hodges) (2:36)
10. Dooji Wooji (D. Ellington) (4:06)
11. The Jeep is Jumpin' (D. Ellington - J. Hodges) (5:57)

Cat Anderson (trumpet), Shorty Baker, Bill Berry, Ed Mullens (trumpet 1-7)
Ray Nance (cornet, violin 1-7)
Lawrence Brown (trombone), Leon Cox (trombone 1-7), Chuck Connors (bass trombone 1-7)
Paul Gonsalves (tenor saxophone)
Johnny Hodges (alto saxophone)
Harry Carney (baritone saxophone 1-7)
Russell Procope (clarinet; alto saxophone 1-7)
Jimmy Hamilton (clarinet, tenor saxophone 1-7)
Duke Ellington (piano 1-7), Victor Feldman (piano 8-11)
Aaron Bell (bass 1-7), Buddy Catlett (bass 8-11)
Sam Woodyard (drums)

Tracks 1-7 recorded in New York City, January 9, 1962.
Tracks 8-11 (Ellingtonia! - Onyx ORI 216) recorded in New York City, August 27, 1964.

PGP RTB 2221462; Soryville SLP 1006; Storyville STCD 410; Goodyear 106657-L


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